Episode 100 (4 SZNS NBA Podcast)

Ryan Magdziarz and Zak Noble reflect on 100 episodes of the 4 SZNS show, and host a mailbag with your guys’ insane questions.

0:01 – Reflecting on the journey (highlights and lowlights)
27:29- Mail Bag Questions
27:56- Coach Cal’s most successful player?
31:25- Who’s the next dynasty after the Warriors reign?
33:04- What bottom 5 NBA team wins a title first?
35:12- Make a expansion team and draft players
39:11- Who are the 5-8 seeds in the Western Conference Playoffs?
42:06- Who replaces Luke Walton as head coach?
44:32- Lakers make playoffs?
44:43- Favorite player narrative this year?
47:22- Superteams good or bad for the league?
49:07- Who is the first pick in a full NBA re-draft?
52:04- Top 5 coaches?
54:24- Funniest moment from a guest?
55:55- Who are your guys’ NBA teammate comparisons?
59:34- Biggest struggle/ speed bump?
1:02:28- Space Jam 2 Monstars?
1:05:36- Biggest what if in NBA history?
1:06:56- Team/ player you shouldn’t like as much as you do?
1:08:30- Most memorable episode?
1:10:53- Who else can peak in year 9 similar to PG?
1:13:25- Best argument/ discusion?
1:14:48- Who can challenge 81 points in a game?
1:16:20- Buddy Hield one of the best shooters of all time?
1:18:08- One bold take by the time we record episode 200?
1:19:48- Do you like the evolution of three point shooting in the NBA?

You Tube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBhWNLqdSwQ

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Minnesota raised, Boston and Kansas groomed. Lived through KAHN. RIP Malik. With a Kansas undergrad & Harvard Masters. Zak is an NBA psychopath. League Pass team No Sleep. A little experience in player representation has been covering the league for life. Most notably “4 SZNS” NBA Podcast since mid - 2017. Context over clicks. Facts over feelings. MJ over everything.

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