Fizzled Out (Above The Rim NBA Podcast)

This episode I’m joined by Josh Rodriguez, host of The Dime NBA podcast. (@Josh_Rodriguez_ @TheDimeNBA) We had plenty to discuss this ep and some of the topics include:

(3:30) Carmelo Anthony has made way his back into the NBA via the struggling Portland Trail Blazers.
What can Melo bring to the table? How much can he produce? Is it possible that he can be the catalyst for turning their season around? Will he willingly accept a long time bench role?

(14:45) Terry Rozier has been one of my biggest disappointments this season. He got his money & it looks like his care level went out the window as well. Is this a trend or an outlier? Can he lead the Hornets to any sort of success?

(17:38) New York Knicks season outlook.
How long can Fizdale last until he’s handed the pink slip? Is there a better option? How much blame are we putting on him for the lack of progression with Knicks young talent? Is it time for a major front office shake up?

(23:54) Porzingis returned to MSG last week and he looked spooked. The crowd let him have and we discuss if the Knicks won the battle or the war against KP. Are Knick fans still regretting the KP trade?

(30:14) What can management do to improve upon this season roster-wise? What moves can they make? Should they be looking for a way to sneak into the playoffs this season or tank for another top draft pick?

(34:25) RJ Barrett is the lone Knicks bright spot this season. How can he be? Where does he fall on the rooking rankings? Where can he improve? Is the roster around him a good enough supporting cast?

(45:35) “The Crossover” segment

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