Free Agency and Salt Lake City Summer League (Spurscast)

In episode 548 of the Spurscast, host Paul Garcia and Project Spurs founder Michael De Leon discussed the following topics:

The Spurs re-signing Rudy Gay
The Spurs signing DeMarre Carroll
The DeMarcus Cousins-Spurs rumor
Observations of the Salt Lake City Summer League

00:26 Intro
1:47 Rudy Gay re-signing with the Spurs
5:00 The Spurs’ logjam at power forward
7:14 DeMarre Carroll signing
11:56 Spurs win projections for 2019 season
12:54 DeMarcus Cousins rumors (signed with LAL)
17:29 Salt Lake City Summer League

NOTE: This episode was recorded Friday, July 5, before the Leonard signing and before the Spurs traded Davis Bertans and signed Marcus Morris. More info on that here on Project Spurs. We’ll have more on our next episode.

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