Heading Back to Denver Tied at 2-2 (Spurscast)

In episode 540, Spurscast host Paul Garcia breaks down Game 4 of the Spurs and Nuggets’ round one playoff series, including the Nuggets’ damage from three against the Spurs’ defense, Rudy Gay and the Spurs’ bench struggling to score in the series and adjustments to look at for Game 5 tonight.

(1:16) Game 4 recap
(2:56) Spurs defense in Game 4
(10:47) Spurs’ offense
(12:41) Performance of primary playmakers
(18:44) Spurs bench struggles
(20:45) Looking ahead to Game 5

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Host of the Spurscast by Lineups & Project Spurs. Serves as an editor on ProjectSpurs.com and has been credentialed by the Spurs and the NBA for the past seven seasons. Paul has been a guest on national television and radio shows.

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