Horton Hears No Boos (Talen Horton Tucker’s Rise Onto the Chicago Basketball Scene ft. Tim Brennan + Projecting Out his Role w/ the Lakers Next Year) (Lakers Legacy Podcast)

‬On this episode of the Lakers Legacy Podcast, Jonathan and Alan play another round of the NBA Offseason Game that’s sweeping the nation – DOUBLE FOUL – and ask themselves a very difficult Would You Rather question that shakes them to their Purple & Gold Core. After that, they dive into their thoughts on the Lakers’ newest rookie, Talen Horton Tucker – what they’re most intrigued by and whether they think he can play a role for the Varsity squad next season. Then, Tim Grover disciple and Chicago Basketball Club Co-Founder, Tim Brennan, hops on to talk about his mentorship of and work with Talen during his rise onto the Chi-Town basketball scene and how he projects as an NBA prospect moving forward.

12:24 – Updated Thoughts on Talen’s Game & Anticipating His Role as a Rookie Next Year
27:11 – Chicago Basketball Club’s Tim Brennan on Talen’s NBA Potential

Host: Jonathan Hernandez (@jhun88)
Co-Host: Tommy Alexander (@tommya8)
Co-Host: Alan Riley (@atakriley)


Founder & Host of The Lakers Legacy Podcast. Jonathan Hernandez works in the Animation Industry for DreamWorks Animation (formerly in Marketing, currently in Production) by day, podcasts & surmises about the Lakers by...every other waking hour imaginable. It's LIT, fam.

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