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Ryan Magdziarz
Ryan Magdziarz

Co-founder of the 4 SZNS Podcast. Former NCAA national champion. FIRM believer in the eye test. Most Improved Player of the Year junkie. Never giving up on bringing the Kings back to Kansas City.


Zak Noble
Zak Noble

Minnesota raised, Boston and Kansas groomed. Lived through KAHN. RIP Malik. With a Kansas undergrad & Harvard Masters. Zak is an NBA psychopath. League Pass team No Sleep. A little experience in player representation has been covering the league for life. Most notably “4 SZNS” NBA Podcast since mid – 2017. Context over clicks. Facts over feelings. MJ over everything.


Luke Zylstra
Luke Zylstra

Luke is a lifelong NBA fan and up and coming Host of From the Logo NBA podcast. Luke also writes NBA editorials on Lineups Articles. A serious Chicago sports fan and current student at Purdue University.


devin deboer
Devin DeBoer

Devin is from Northwest Indiana (shoutout to the 219) and lives and breathes NBA basketball. Live by the three, die by the three. Houston Rockets fan, but more importantly, a Daryl Morey disciple. Co-host of From the Logo NBA Podcast. Currently studying at Purdue University.


Oliver Maroney
Oliver Maroney

Host of Positionless & Lock & Go, Oliver’s name has become a mainstay on NBA Twitter. Oliver also hosts the Official BIG 3 league podcast. Oliver is a NBA Insider with connections to bring on captivating professional athlete guests.


Justin Lee
Justin Lee

Justin aka Jus Blaze brings a fresh & unique perspective on the NBA with his podcast, Above The Rim. A Brooklyn native with NBA knowledge pouring through his veins, Justin is the voice of NBA purists. Playing basketball his whole life, he transformed his passion into becoming a self made podcast host, creating a show that speaks to basketball fans on every level.


paul garcia
Paul Garcia

Host of the Spurscast by Lineups & Project Spurs. Serves as an editor on and has been credentialed by the Spurs and the NBA for the past seven seasons. Paul has been a guest on national television and radio shows.


James Holas
James Holas

James is one the original NBA Twitter gurus. He brings colorful commentary to every pod and is a ton of fun to listen to. James guests on multiple NBA podcasts and is a Host on Lock & Go.


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