Jared Greenberg, John Schuhmann, The Evolution of Basketball, & Houston Rockets Path to Success (4 SZNS NBA Podcast)

Ryan Magdziarz and Zak Noble start off the show by discussing how good the Lakers really are. Historically, LeBron lead teams tend to coast out of the gate, preserving energy for the later games of the season and postseason. That is not what they’re doing this year. The boys discuss why that is, how the players on the team aren’t the only reason behind this trend, and if they can keep it up for 82 games and more.

The boys later move onto discussing a very interesting topic brought on by the latest sample of Houston Rockets game play. What does the future of basketball look like in 2030 due to basketball evolution? Are the Rockets starting a new trend by stat chasing instead of putting team wins first? James Harden is putting up never before seen stats and they’re winning, but what happens when chasing those stats doesn’t add up to wins in the postseason?

Next the boys are joined by advanced stats writer John Shuhmann of NBA.com. They deep dive into the art of advanced analytics, which stats are useful and which stats could be taken with a grain of salt. Which players benefit from advanced stats the most and the least you ask? They find the answers to that and more from John in a very interesting and factual conversation.

Lastly, Jared Greenberg from NBA TV joins the show to catch you up on all the latest trends of the NBA season so far. Which teams are pretenders, and which teams are actually contenders. Are the Phoenix Suns for real? The Miami Heat look terrifyingly solid, but will they fizzle out? Ryan asks Jared about his take on Pascal Siakam (because of Zak’s strong take the week before). Last but not least, They simply ask Jared if the NBA is the best it’s ever been as we speak. The answer he has is quite interesting!


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