Kobe Bryant Learned from MJ, Generous to Pass on His Knowledge (Hollywood Hoops NBA Podcast)

Another week, another round of discussion about links between “The Last Dance” and the Lakers, and speculation about the NBA’s plans to return from its coronavirus-induced hiatus on Hollywood Hoops. Indeed, Bill Murray doesn’t own a monopoly on “Groundhog Day.”

Nonetheless, Eric Pincus and Josh Martin bring new wrinkles to those and other topics at hand. Talk of the basketball brotherhood between Michael Jordan and the late Kobe Bryant brought to mind a role for the Black Mamba alongside Shaquille O’Neal that more closely resembled the impact Scottie Pippen had on the Chicago Bulls. And, rather than running ragged the idea that Las Vegas would be the primary site for the Association’s hopeful return, our co-hosts consider the potential appeal of resuming play at Disney World in Orlando. Between the athletic facilities, hotel accommodations, entertainment options for family and friends and off days, and built-in media relationship with Mickey Mouse, Central Florida has a strong case to make as a potential summer home for hoops.

Given all the previous COVID talk, our co-hosts would be remiss without considering the broader context within which commissioner Adam Silver and the NBA’s leadership are couching all of their pandemic analysis: the state of the States.

Beyond those ever-evolving story lines, Eric and Josh revisit the implications of the LA Clippers’ likely move to Inglewood, in light of Steve Ballmer officially closing on the Forum. With a sparkling, new arena in the “City of Champions,” could the Clippers lay claim to the Lakers’ long-held territory in South Los Angeles?

Find out in this week’s episode of #HollywoodHoops!

00:00 – Kobe and MJ in “The Last Dance”
15:37 – Clippers Claiming South LA?
29:00 – Will Disney Bring NBA Back to Life?
47:10 – Sports in the Time of Corona


Co-host of Hollywood Hoops, Eric Pincus covers the Los Angeles Lakers for Bleacher Report while serving as capologist for NBA TV and Basketball Insiders. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram, @EricPincus.

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