Laker Roundtable (Above The Rim NBA Podcast)

This episode I’m joined by BTG (@BaylorTheGreat) from Open Run & Jarv (@Chet_Ohara) from The Gray Area.

20 games into the season and the Lakers are on fire. Top 2 record in the league, Lebron is playing phenomenal, Anthony Davis is fitting in seamlessly & the supporting cast has answered the call. But are there any chinks in the armor? Should they be worried about the Clippers?

We chop it up & discuss all Lakers news this episode including:

-The Lakers MVP thus far. Who has been their most important player?
-Can Lebron & AD sustain this level of excellence all season? The 82 game schedule is a grind which can take a toll on their body, should they be on load management?
-Is it all possible that AD could become a top 3 all-time Lakers big man with multiple titles? The list of all-time Laker big men seems to be impenetrable but is it really? If AD is there for the long haul with sustained excellence why can’t we ask the question.
-Is Kyle Kuzma the answer off the bench long term or could a trade be imminent? His play has been suspect of late but he has plenty of time to turn it around. Is Laker nation willing to be patient?
-How can the Lakers upgrade their roster for a deep playoff run? Many have been calling for the Lakers to upgrade at the guard spot with a top flight playmaker but who is available? Who fits what they are trying to do?
-Who has the upper hand in a Lakers-Clippers series? Both LA teams are on a collision course to meet in the West finals. Will they both stay healthy?
-Rest of the Season outlook & the “Crossover Segment”

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