Load Management & Injuries (Drive and Dish NBA Podcast)

Welcome back to another edition of the Drive & Dish NBA podcast, hosted by Kevin Rafuse (@rafusetolose) & (@JustinContheAir). Before hoops, the guys talk Justin’s aversion to wearing anything except basketball shorts in high school, and why neither of them want to live in 26 degrees ever again. After the intro ends, the guys get right into the big topic of the week, load management. Kevin recaps Kawhi Leonard resting in LA, and how the Clippers and Doc Rivers got find $50,000 over it. Was the fine fair? Justin proposes relegation like in soccer as a possible solution, and the guys debate whether that would possibly work out. Kevin also argues that shortening the season is the answer but explains why he doesn’t think it will ever happen. Then it’s time for Who’s Ballin Who’s Fallin. Kevin highlights a hot start from the Lakers, and why the Lebron/AD duo is already working so well, while Justin talks a brand new stat for us to dissect. Lowlights include a rough patch for Portland, and Dion Waiters reaction to a weed edible (Get better Dion!). The sad vibes continue then when we discuss Gordon Hayward breaking his hand, and why it’s so disappointing after a strong start to the season. They also briefly hit the Kyle Lowry and Ben Simmons injuries. There is some light at the end of the tunnel though, as Blake Griffin is set to make his season debut for the Pistons. The guys end the show with Hot Takes from Reddit, and discuss Brandon Ingram fitting in in New Orleans. Plus, Danilo Gallinari’s love of the number 8. Seriously, it’s spooky. Download and subscribe on Lineups, iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher & Spotify, and watch the podcast on YouTube! Leave us a review and we’ll read it on an upcoming episode.

00:00 – 6:30 – intro
6:30 – 19 load management
22 – 31 Ballin & Fallin
31 – 41 – Injuries in the NBA
41-44 Gallinari
44 – END Ingram

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Kevin – @Rafusetolose

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Justin Cousart has been an avid NBA fan his whole life. Growing up in a suburb of Philadelphia then moving to Jacksonville for college. Justin is a co-host if the Drive and Dish NBA Podcast, but also a Producer of an ESPN show and Top 40 radio jock. Justin loves making sports related memes and catching the next social media trend.

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