Lock & Go NBA Podcast Ep. 3: Oliver Maroney & James Holas debate NBA Contenders, Underachievers & Overachievers, And Much More

James Holas (@SnottieDrippen) and Oliver Maroney () sit down to discuss a variety of NBA topics including the MVP race, over & underachievers. Also, what’s wrong with the Pelicans, Sixers, Heat, Wizards? The guys also give their thoughts on the overuse of statistics and more this week.

(1:50) Status of the MVP Race
(8:20) MVP Darkhorse Candidates
(14:45) Pelicans
(18:55) A World Without Statistics
(30:00) Sixers
(39:59) Wizards


Host of Positionless & Lock & Go, Oliver's name has become a mainstay on NBA Twitter. Oliver also hosts the Official BIG 3 league podcast. Oliver is a NBA Insider with connections to bring on captivating professional athlete guests.

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