Lyles Addition, Early Win Projections, and Minutes for Walker IV (Spurscast)

On episode 549 of the Spurscast, I’m joined by Collin Reid as we discuss a variety of the latest San Antonio Spurs new topics.

I talk to Collin about his initial reaction on the Spurs’ offseason before we break down Marcus Morris reneging on the full MLE deal with the Spurs, which resulted in the Spurs signing forward Trey Lyles, formerly of the Denver Nuggets to a portion of the MLE.

We discuss Lyle’s and his performance with the Nuggets and where we see his fit with the current Spurs roster, which is maxed out at 20 players.

Our next topic was discussing the early win projections for the Spurs, of which several projections have not been favorable to the Spurs and have them out of the playoff picture. We also look at the Western Conference after all of the offseason movement and which teams could land where in the standings and how it affects San Antonio.

A full list of topics and timecodes are below:
01:15 – Intro
01:50 – Thoughts on Spurs’ offseason
03:42 – Breaking down the Trey Lyles signing and his fit with San Antonio
11:39 – Early win projections
28:27 – Lonnie Walker IV’s Summer League performance

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