NBA Stars Return, Embiid Injury & Rob Pelinka (Drive and Dish NBA Podcast)

Welcome back to another jam packed edition of the Drive & Dish NBA podcast, hosted by Kevin Rafuse (@rafusetolose) & Justin Cousart (@JustinContheAir). Before hoops, the guys get into their favorite game shows, and why Justin is so eager to go on Big Brother one day. Kevin also expresses his love for The Price is Right.

After that the guys start off with some Lakers. First up, the guys talk Lebron passing MJ for 4th all time in made field goals, and why that stat is more meaningful and can be compared over era.

Then the guys discuss Rob Pelinka’s extension, and if this is a good move for the team going forward. Kevin & Justin then discuss Joel Embiid’s finger surgery, and him being sidelined for 1-2 weeks. The duo debates the impact on standings, and why it’s time for Ben Simmons to step up amid a tough schedule.

After that, it’s Who’s Ballin Who’s Fallin, which this week includes the streaking Utah Jazz and Stephen A. Smith & Michael Wilbon coaching the NBA All Star celebrity game. Kevin then argues why Kevin Durant is the winner of KD vs. Perk while Justin argues for Kendrick Perkins. The guys then get into the return of a number of key players from injury.

They debate Indiana’s ceiling when Victor Oladipo gets back, what Kyrie Irving’s return means for Brooklyn’s lineup & Spencer Dinwiddie, plus it finally looks like takeoff time for Zion Williamson. The duo talks what his return will mean to a streaking Pelicans team.

The episode ends with some Hot Takes from Reddit, including Jimmy Butler vs. TJ Warren & NBA players being refs. Who would be the most entertaining? Download and leave a review on iTunes & subscribe on Spotify, Spreaker, Google Play, Stitcher & PlayerFM. Watch the podcast on YouTube.

Time Stamps:

00:00 – 8:00 – Game shows
10:00 – 21:00 – LBJ passes MJ for Made field goals.
21 – 28:00 – Lakers and Rob Pelinka position
28:00 – 32:00 Joel Embiid Injury
32:00 – 46:00 Ballin & Fallin (Utah Jazz, Stephan A Smith, Kevin Durant)
46:00 – 1:01:00 Stars Return (VO, Kyrie & Zion)
1:01:00 – Hot Takes: Jimmy Butler, Celeb refs…

Justin Cousart has been an avid NBA fan his whole life. Growing up in a suburb of Philadelphia then moving to Jacksonville for college. Justin is a co-host if the Drive and Dish NBA Podcast, but also a Producer of an ESPN show and Top 40 radio jock. Justin loves making sports related memes and catching the next social media trend.

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