Lakers Legacy

The Lakers Legacy Podcast was started in 2016 and is currently made up of Jonathan Hernandez (@jhun88), Tommy Alexander (@tommya8), and Alan Riley (@atakriley) – three high school friends and life-long Lakers fans who wanted a more efficient & productive way to archive their incessant Lakers ramblings & conjectures. Through 4 years and countless relevant Industry Guests (Drew Hanlen, Eric Pincus, Sam Vecenie, Steve Baik, LakerFilmRoom, & More), the trio has made it their goal to bring insightful, knowledgeable analysis that goes beyond mainstream radio coverage, while still maintaining that “dudes I’d grab a beer and talk sports with” kind of vibe along the way.

Hosts: Jonathan Hernandez, Tommy Alexander & Alan Riley
Twitter: @jhun88 @tommya8 @atakriley @LakersLegacyPod

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