The New York Knicks NBA Podcast

A Knicks podcast brought to you by Marc and Jay, true diehard Knicks fans who have suffered way too much in support of this franchise. We are loyal fans who use humor to mask our pain. We are the podcast for those that want to feel like they are listening to their buddies at the bar talk about a team they love. If you want PER and advanced statistical analysis we are not your podcast.

Hosts: Marc & Jay

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Jay has been podcasting since 2008 when he started the comedy podcast The Brink of Sanity. in 2010 he teamed up with Marc to start the New York Knicks Podcast. The Knicks has a bunch of young, promising players and just signed a big free agent. The guys were looking forward to covering a Knicks team that were going to be consistently good and compete for a title for many years. Ten seasons, multiple season-ending injuries, bad trades, and horrible contracts later, they're still waiting for that to happen.