NFL Betting Picks Week 10 – College Football Betting Picks Week 11 (Sharp Edges Sports Betting Podcast)

It’s another great episode of the Sharp Edges Podcast with Calvin McAlee and Brandon Wittmeyer. It’s a big week in college football and Calvin and Brandon cover a couple of the biggest games. Will Penn State stay undefeated or will Minnesota pull the upset and remain undefeated? The two also discuss an ACC game that should come down to the wire between Virginia Tech and Wake Forest. A surprising pick in the ECU/SMU game is one of Brandon’s favorite picks of the week. The two close out their college football picks with the game of the year between #2 LSU and #3 Alabama. Calvin has two picks in that game that he really likes. Do you fade or follow them?

As the two look at Week 10 of the NFL season Calvin and Brandon discuss some of the biggest games of the week and a couple that might be flying under the radar. Can the Browns get back on the winning path against the Bills? The Vikings and Cowboys face off in a potential NFC playoff preview. Who wins that game? What about the Cardinals and Buccaneers, who wins there and will there be a lot of points in that game? Calvin and Brandon close out their weekly picks with Monday Night Football action as the Seahawks take on the 49ers. Will San Francisco remain undefeated or will Russell Wilson and the Seahawks pull the upset?

Calvin and Brandon also discuss some teaser action for this week and when the right to take a teaser is and which numbers to avoid. As always the two close out the podcast with their best bets of the week. They have been hot lately, will they both put up another win this week? Also, Calvin gives us a hint towards college basketball picks coming next week as his formula gathers data for the first week of the season. Last year it won 62.3% of its picks. Can it repeat its success this season, or will it do even better? Check out the Sharp Edged Podcast and become a better bettor.

0:00 Intro
2:05 Wake Forest/Virginia Tech
6:55 Penn State/Minnesota
14:15 ECU/SMU
19:02 LSU/Alabama
24:47 Bills/Browns
29:10 Vikings/Cowboys
32:59 Cardinals/Buccaneers
39:59 Seahawks/49ers
43:45 Best Bets

Calvin is new to podcasting but not new to sports betting. What used to be a fun hobby when he was younger is now how he makes his living. Listen to Calvin on the Sharp Edges podcast as he tries to help you become a better sports bettor.

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