Offseason Updates For Pistons And Kings (Full Court Press Podcast)

The Pistons got 75 games or more from Blake, Drummond and RJ last year, any chance they can replicate that? We are very excited about Bruce Brown, why? How will his role impact the way the PG position is managed with Derrick Rose on the roster?

The Kings are a bit overloaded at the PF position, how might that get worked out? It seems the most important aspect of managed the PF position is to optimize Bagley’s role for his continued development. What might that look like?

All these questions are answered in today’s brand new Full Court Press Podcast with @LawtonWillis & @willis_glen

Glen Willis is a former (inactive) youth basketball coach. His current focus is to support youth basketball development environments such as camps and academies. He is the host of the Full Court Press NBA podcast and a contributor at

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