Our Best/Worst of The Grizzlies Past, Present, & Future (The Litness: Memphis Grizzlies Podcast)

Before we started talking about the Grizzlies this season, we wanted to give everyone listening our personal background with the team. We started watching before Grit & Grind became a thing and when this team was in the major rebuild #2 (Pau & Battier era is the first good Memphis Grizzlies era). We do a quick FIBA update since there are a handful of Grizzlies players currently representing their nation teams and then we get into our history with the team. We talk about the good and bad memories, favorite players, most exciting live moments, and anything and everything in between. We came up with a handful of questions and answered them on out own and then went over the answers together. It was interesting to see where we agreed and disagreed.

Hosts: @HolyHotDang & @jakeingle___
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Host of Smashing Heads Podcast and The Litness: Memphis Grizzlies Podcast. Born and raised in West Tennessee, Zac is a big fan of two things: The Memphis Grizzlies and reality competition shows, especially MTV’s “The Challenge”. It just made sense to start a different podcast about each subject. Smashing Heads Podcast started in July 2018 and is all about “The Challenge” which is affectionately referred to as America’s 5th professional sport. It is co-hosted by his best friend, Jake and his wife, Hannah. The Litness is all about the Memphis Grizzlies and launched with the 2019-2020 season to cover the most exciting rebuild the team has ever gone through. It is also co-hosted by Jake.

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