Pistons Free Agency Pickups And Rotation Outlook! (Inside The Cylinder)

In this weeks’ episode, we discuss all of Detroit’s offseason moves, and how they affect the rotations moving forward. We’ll take a deep dive into Derrick Rose, Markieff Morris, Tim Frazier and Christian Wood’s games. Has the team gotten better? Yes. Are we still concerned? Certainly. We’ll also discuss the projected win/loss for Detroit (Vegas has the Pistons at 37.5 games). Lastly, we talk THROWBACK JERSEYS. Spoiler alert – we want them, but which ones? All that and more in episode 83!

3:00 – Pistons free agency recap
30:10 – Depth chart discussion
40:35 – Over/under and post-season predictions
48:20 – Throwback jerseys

David Fernandez is the host of the Inside The Cylinder Podcast and seasoned writer for Detroit Bad Boys, covering all things Detroit Pistons. A former multiple time CYO and Rec league champ, he's often considered Your Residential Hooper. David was born in Detroit, raised in Toledo, and after eight years in Boston following his time at Central Michigan University - has returned to Detroit, where it all began.

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