Lamar Hurd – Portland Trail Blazers Broadcast Team

Trail Blazers broadcaster Lamar Hurd has come a long way. On the most recent episode of Positionless, he discussed how he pursued his basketball dream by moving out of his house in the sixth grade. He dedicated his life to basketball and became a top point guard in the state of Texas after being told “he wasn’t athletic enough” in his junior year of high-school. Hurd goes in-depth to discuss his journey playing and then transitioning to coaching youth and broadcasting for the Trail Blazers.

6:00 – moving out of his house in the sixth grade to pursue basketball

11:00 – The changes he made to be a top-player in the state of Texas.

13:00 – His growth in his game.

17:30 – De-committing and committing to a new school.

21:00 – The NBA, NCAA and his views on what the rules should be for high-schoolers.

25:00 – his advancement in broadcasting and coaching.

33:00 – The Trail Blazers organization and what separates them.

36:00 – his favorite game situations to call and watch

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