Rob’d In Plain Sight (Assessing Rob Pelinka’s 1st Summer Sans Magic + AD’s Status As a Laker Lifer & Favorite New Laker/Favorite Returnee ft. RJ Barnes) (Lakers Legacy Podcast)

In this episode of the Lakers Legacy Podcast, Jonathan brings on guest host, RJ Barnes of the Late Night LakeShow podcast, to talk about his fellow Chicagoan, Anthony Davis, and his status as a Laker lifer. Then they give their updated thoughts on the Lakers Offseason and who they consider the most intriguing newcomer and the most intriguing run-it-back-er. To close the show, they take an in-depth look back on Rob Pelinka’s first Summer without Magic Johnson and assess how confident (or worried) we should be with him solely at the helm.

(0:00) – Intro + A Game Of Double Foul
(14:38) – Anthony Davis’ Status As a Laker Lifer
(22:33) – Most Intriguing New Laker
(30:29) – Most Intriguing Run-It-Back-er
(39:47) – Rob Pelika Retrospective: The Summer That Was w/ No Magic

Host: Jonathan Hernandez (@jhun88)
Co-Host: Tommy Alexander (@tommya8)
Co-Host: Alan Riley (@atakriley)

Founder & Host of The Lakers Legacy Podcast. Jonathan Hernandez works in the Animation Industry for DreamWorks Animation (formerly in Marketing, currently in Production) by day, podcasts & surmises about the Lakers by...every other waking hour imaginable. It's LIT, fam.

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