Sacramento Kings Guard Yogi Ferrell Joins The Show (The Baseline NBA Podcast)

The streets are talking as Corona-19 fatigue is wearing on the nation. With the curve somewhat flattening could the NBA be making plans for a return? Well, we will get to that but on this week’s show, we are joined by a very special guest along with our usual in-depth look at news around the league. Tune in below:

Face Time with The Baseline:
– Yogi Ferrell from the Sacramento Kings stops by the show to discuss:
– How he has spent the time since the pandemic started
– His work in the community before Covid-19 and his planned work as a result of it
– His passion for helping foster kids as a result of his mom’s upbringing in the foster care system
– How his mom became a doctor and has always been an inspiration to him
– Why chess, video games and movies are his favorite ways to relax
– The impression he wants to leave in the league and more importantly the community

The Drop:
– G-League continues to build with the hopes of forming a union
– Will the players ratify the formation of the union?
– What potential harm could from this?
– Players will be indoctrinated into the full process of development by playing and representing teams
– The NBA is considering allowing teams to allow players the ability to enter facilities as soon as May 1 in states with looser stay at home restrictions.
– Is the league being cautious enough or is this a short-sighted attempt to get back to business?
– Give an inch and they’ll take a mile as reports swirl that teams in cities with stricter stay at home guidelines are asking if they can migrate to be in compliance.
– Will this impact competitive balance?

Coast to Coast
– Nets eyeballing list of coaches for 20-21 season including Tyron Lue, Jason Kidd, Mark Jackson, Jeff Van Gundy and Mike Brown
– Ben Simmons and Malcolm Brogdon are healed and ready to go should the season re-start.
– Jimmy Butler purchased hoops for all his teammates
– Redeem Team Documentary in the works

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