Spurs Sweep Three Game Homestand (Spurscast)

On episode 531 of the Spurscast, Paul is joined by Project Spurs’ newest staff writer Noah Magaro-George to discuss the Spurs sweeping their 3-game homestand against the Pistons, Thunder, and Nuggets, Pau Gasol’s buyout, the Spurs’ improvement on defense in their last 4 games and previewing the next three games.

(1:13) Spurscast Live with Jesse Borrego and Shea Serrano in San Antonio March 24
(2:02) Recapping the Spurs’ three-game win streak
(4:26) Pau Gasol buyout, buyout candidates and salary cap update
(10:05) Defensive improvement over homestand
(14:36) Preview of next three games

Host of the Spurscast by Lineups & Project Spurs. Serves as an editor on ProjectSpurs.com and has been credentialed by the Spurs and the NBA for the past seven seasons. Paul has been a guest on national television and radio shows.

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