Spurscast Ep. 526 – DeMar DeRozan’s Struggles and Marco Belinelli’s surge

On episode 526 of the Spurscast, I talk to Project Spurs founder Michael De Leon.

We discuss the three most recent San Antonio Spurs games, including a pair of wins over the Mavericks and Timberwolves and their Sunday night loss to the Los Angeles Clippers.

We also broke down shooting guard DeMar DeRozan’s struggles in January, Marco Belinelli’s hot shooting surge in the last six games and previewed the next four games for the Spurs, including matchups against the 76ers, Pelicans, Wizards, and Suns.

(1:28) Recapping the last four games
(5:36) DeMar DeRozan’s struggles
(12:14) Marco Belinelli’s scoring surge
(16:45) Preview of next four games


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Host of the Spurscast by Lineups & Project Spurs. Serves as an editor on ProjectSpurs.com and has been credentialed by the Spurs and the NBA for the past seven seasons. Paul has been a guest on national television and radio shows.

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