The Ringer’s Chris Vernon, NBA Stock Exchange Plus Is Dwight Howard Back Yet & Luka Doncic Backups (4 SZNS NBA Podcast)

Ryan Magdziarz and Zak Noble sit down and discuss the wild events that have occured in the NBA season thus far starting with ”Is Dwight Howard Back Yet?” Boy is he ever. Ryan apologizes for counting out Dwight and also for his lack of belief that Pascal Siakam can be the number one option on a contending team.

Next, the boys jump into an argument about whether or not the Dallas Mavericks are for real. Ryan had them pegged as the eight seed before a single game was even played this season. He is even higher on them now. Zak is staying on the outside outside looking in as far as the young Mavs go. He believes they aren’t as deep and their entire team is on Luka and Kristaps Porzingis’ back.

Zak discusses how fun the Miami Heat have been so far this year. The boys talk about the perfect fit Jimmy Butler has been for this young exciting team, how Kendrick Nunn the undrafted rookie has came out of nowhere, and how well Meyers, Bam, and Tyler Herro have clicked.
The boys deep dive into an extremely interesting topic comparing Luka Doncic in his second year of the NBA, and LeBron James during his second year. Contrasting the different play styles and comparing the strengths and weaknesses each player has/ had when they were 20 years old. Some interesting developments come to light.

Lastly, Zak and Ryan start their new segment “Stock Exchange”. Three players whos stock is down, and three players whose stock is up. Zak in a revolutionary turn of events, puts his pride aside and joins Ryan on his take that Aaron Gordon may be a lost cause. The two men bash Golden State for one bad year despite having 5 years in a row of outrageous success. They also disagree on the current state of the Houston Rockets which is a lot of fun to listen to.

Finally, Zak and Ryan welcome in The Ringer’s Chris Vernon; a Memphis Grizzlies die hard, and host of his own show The Chris Vernon Show. The three discuss their love for Ja Morant, and how high his ceiling could be. They talk about the future of the Memphis Grizzlies, their strengths and weaknesses to date, and where this franchise could be headed. There are a lot of similarities between Chris, and Zak & Ryan’s start up in their NBA careers (not to mention being in cities that are small markets without an NBA team at first). They discuss the current NBA, surprising young teams and players, and discuss their preseason predictions to brag about how right and wrong they were.

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