The Season Of Duos (Drive and Dish NBA Podcast)

Justin & Kevin are back again this episode picking up where they left off with the Western Conference. Before the hoops, however, the guys talk the Area 51 memes and the plan to storm it. What could go wrong right? After that, the guys talk yet another NBA bomb drop, with Russell Westbrook getting traded to the Rockets. What does it mean for Houston’s overall ceiling, and how does the new look Western conference stack up. Then, of course, the next natural question, what happens to Chris Paul? Kevin & Justin toss around a couple of destinations that he could go to now with OKC in full rebuild. The guys also talk about the new look Eastern conference and who could be the biggest surprises this year. Is it a two-team race? Plus Hot Takes from Reddit & a discussion post-Westbrook trade about players that have the chance of playing for one team their whole career. Subscribe and rate us on iTunes & watch the Drive and Dish NBA podcast on Youtube.

0:00 – 9:00 Intro
10:00 – 22:00 – Westbrook/Harden/Rockets
22:00 – 27:00 Duos in the NBA!
28:00 – 36:00 – Eastern Conference
37:00 – 41:00 Kawhi vs Lakers
41:00 – Will NBA Players Ever Stay ON Their draft team?
51:00 – END Hot Takes!

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Justin Cousart has been an avid NBA fan his whole life. Growing up in a suburb of Philadelphia then moving to Jacksonville for college. Justin is a co-host if the Drive and Dish NBA Podcast, but also a Producer of an ESPN show and Top 40 radio jock. Justin loves making sports related memes and catching the next social media trend.

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