Thomas Robinson & NBA Era Hypotheticals (4 SZNS NBA Podcast)

Ryan Magdziarz and Zak Noble sat down with Kansas Jayhawks legend Thomas Robinson, and also discussed what would happen if all eras of the NBA played at the same time in 2019. What would this league look like??

:25- Bill Russell would get bodied
5:14- LeBron vs Larry Bird
8:36- Allen Iverson and Kyrie Irving blazing a trail
13:20- Pistol Pete is an Instagram legend / Rockstar
17:17 – KG is the best unicorn the game has ever seen
21:53- MJ would be hated because of social media
27:50- Gary Payton vs Russell Westbrook
33:26- Who is more dominant? Shaq, Wilt, or Kareem?
37:49- Can anyone do anything to stop Giannis??
41:00- Jerry West is a poor mans T.J. McConnell
45:30- Boban vs Yao
47:00- Thomas Robinson

Minnesota raised, Boston and Kansas groomed. Lived through KAHN. RIP Malik. With a Kansas undergrad & Harvard Masters. Zak is an NBA psychopath. League Pass team No Sleep. A little experience in player representation has been covering the league for life. Most notably “4 SZNS” NBA Podcast since mid - 2017. Context over clicks. Facts over feelings. MJ over everything.

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