UFC Fight Night: Smith vs Teixeira Recap – UFC Fight Night: Overeem vs Harris Preview (Sharp Edges Sports Betting Podcast)

Live sports are back and that means the Sharp Edges Podcast is back as well. Last week’s episode covered some Coronavirus topics as well as UFC 249 and UFC Fight Night: Smith vs Teixeira. This week, Calvin and Brandon will recap Wednesday’s Fight Night and look forward to Saturday’s event, UFC Fight Night: Overeem vs Harris.

First off, Calvin and Brandon take a look back at Wednesday’s event, UFC Fight Night: Smith vs Teixeira. While the card wasn’t as stacked as UFC 249 last Saturday, there were plenty of great fighters and great fights on the card.

Calvin and Brandon cover every fight and give their opinions on each fighter. Which fighters were the most impressive and which ones looked like they didn’t even belong in the octagon. A few fighters impressed both Calvin and Brandon and are on their radar for the next time they fight as a fighter to get your money on.

Looking ahead to Saturday’s UFC event, Calvin and Brandon take a look at each fight to see which ones provide the best value. Brandon sees a couple of plus money fighters that provide a ton of value and are worth betting while Calvin has a couple of bets of his own.

Closing out the show, the two give their best bets for Saturday’s event. The two agree on one fighter as their best bet for Saturday. Spoiler alert, it is an underdog. Brandon also adds in one more underdog that he thinks is a great betting option. As usual, Calvin’s other best bet is the opposing fighter of Brandon’s. Calvin got the better of Brandon last weekend, going 2-0 in their heads up bets.

Who will be the winner this weekend?

Listen in to hear who you should be betting for this weekend as the UFC continues to provide us with some live betting action. After Saturday, the next UFC event is scheduled until May 30th.

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2:30 UFC Fight Night: Smith vs Teixeira Recap
21:18 UFC Fight Night: Overeem vs Harris Preview
38:30 UFC Best Bets


Calvin is new to podcasting but not new to sports betting. What used to be a fun hobby when he was younger is now how he makes his living. Listen to Calvin on the Sharp Edges podcast as he tries to help you become a better sports bettor.

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