Waving the Dwight Flag (Conflicted Reactions to Dwight Howard’s Return to the Lakers & Why It’s “not so bad”?) (Lakers Legacy Podcast)

In this episode of the Lakers Legacy Podcast, Jonathan, Tommy, and Alan give their thoughts and analysis on Dwight Howard’s unceremonious return to the Lakers. First, Alan wrestles with his conflicted feelings as a Lakers fan & how bringing on such a maligned player sits with him. Then, Tommy hops on to explain why the Dwight Howard signing is a fine gamble that he’s not totally appalled by.

Time Marks:
0:00 – Grappling w/ our Dwight Hate as Lakers fans
17:37 – The Front Office’s Big Man Search Process & the Case for Dwight’s Upside
39:31 – Why THIS Time Will Be Different

Host: Jonathan Hernandez (@jhun88)
Co-Host: Tommy Alexander (@tommya8)
Co-Host: Alan Riley (@atakriley)


Founder & Host of The Lakers Legacy Podcast. Jonathan Hernandez works in the Animation Industry for DreamWorks Animation (formerly in Marketing, currently in Production) by day, podcasts & surmises about the Lakers by...every other waking hour imaginable. It's LIT, fam.

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