You’re Too Little (Week 4: Spurs, Hornets, Jazz, Nuggets) (The Litness: Memphis Grizzlies Podcast)

The Memphis Grizzlies have without a doubt played their best basketball in week four of the season. We are getting more and more consistency all around and also, Ja continues to absolutely be a must-see every single night (unless they rest him, of course, which we talked about the last podcast). It’s almost unreal how great Ja has been so far this season. He makes a handful of plays every game where you just think, “a guy his age shouldn’t have that in his bag of tricks yet” but somehow he does.

This isn’t to discount the amazing season Brandon Clarke has had so far. If he had been our only draft pick, we would have been ecstatic because he was NBA ready right away and has such a natural calm and poise for the game. He knows his skill set, plays within himself, and is having an almost unsustainable start to the season. His season so far is 12.3 PPG, 6.2 RPG, 1.2 BPG while only playing 21.9 MPG. He is also shooting an INSANE 65% from the field while shooting 50% from 3pt and 85% from the FT line. We knew he’d be able to contribute right away but this is unheard of. His big knock coming into the draft was how “limited” his offense would be at an NBA level. Well, I’m here to say, it’s official. He will be fine. His jumpers look good when he takes them, he’s an immensely skilled athlete at finishing above the rim, but his floater game is the most deadly of all of his move.

It’s something I was not expecting, at all. It’s almost shocking when he misses them because he’s so dead-eye accurate, to the point where they don’t even touch the rim. They just swish. All net. EVERY. TIME. He is a “rookie” in the traditional sense but he is also 3 years older than Jaren or Ja, so he is a little more established in his basketball role. I don’t think anyone would argue he’s a better player than Ja or Jaren (I’m sure Facebook or Reddit will prove me wrong on this) but he is clearly, extremely comfortable in what he is and that is someone who can contribute to this Grizzlies core right away.

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