Zones of Dunshire – The Burden of Greatness (Assessing the Lakers Legitimacy + Finding Joy In Defense + Raptors Setback) (Lakers Legacy Podcast)

In this episode, Jonathan catches up with Alan and gets his updated thoughts on this “legit”, good Lakers team who has prided themselves on making Defense exciting. They touch upon LAL’s recent win streak and road trip, talk about how rootable and fun this team is, and also give some praise to Frank Vogel. To end the show, Jonathan recaps the Raptors loss and urges everyone to chill out, take a step back, and maintain some perspective. Lakers Spoiled Exceptionalism is back with the winning ways and we’ve got to learn how to check ourselves. What a great problem to have these days!

Time Marks:
3:00 – Assessing LAL’s legitimacy
13:00 – Finding Joy in Defense
21:00 – Raptors Loss Recap

Host: Jonathan Hernandez (@jhun88)
Co-Host: Tommy Alexander (@tommya8)
Co-Host: Alan Riley (@atakriley)

Founder & Host of The Lakers Legacy Podcast. Jonathan Hernandez works in the Animation Industry for DreamWorks Animation (formerly in Marketing, currently in Production) by day, podcasts & surmises about the Lakers by...every other waking hour imaginable. It's LIT, fam.

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