Brian Scalabrine, NBA Power Rankings, Pascal Siakam Franchise Centerpiece? (4 SZNS NBA Podcast)

11 year NBA pro and current Boston Celtics announcer/ analyst Brian Scalabrine aka the White Mamba joined Ryan and Zak to talk about the number one ranked team in the league. They talked about Gordon Hayward’s comfortability (and now injury), Jayson Tatum’s future, Jaylen Brown stepping up, and Kemba Walker’s new addition. Brian talk about how Gordon Hayward is back and how he knows. He is stopping and starting better than he ever has in the last 365 days. His change of pace and speed makes him way tougher to guard. Scal also dives into the rest of the NBA. He pegged the Hawks to be a playoff team before the season started, and if Trae and John Collins can stay healthy and off of performance enhancing drugs, it’s looking like that will be a correct take. Zak, Ryan, and Brian compared and contrasted their preseason picks as far as season awards go. Brian has Joel Embiid pegged for his MVP of the 2019-2020 season.

Zak and Ryan have an incredible dialogue by themselves before Scalabrine joined them and made it even better. They discussed the power rankings top 10 teams. What they agree on, disagree on (a lot), and more. In the middle of this discussion, an argument breaks. Zak says something off the walls that gets Ryan heated. Zak says there are only 4 players in the NBA he would take to start a franchise with before he selects Pascal Siakam. Ryan loses it. He gives Zak a chance to back out of such an ignorant statement, but he doubles down on it. Zak says he would take Pascal over Luka, Embiid, KAT, Booker, Simmons, Trae, Mitchell, and many other notable NBA youngsters. This argument gets hilarious and heated at the same time for 14 minutes straight. It’s an absolute cant miss discussion for the 4 SZNS boys.

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