Big Ol’ News Roundup (The Litness: Memphis Grizzlies Podcast)

The Memphis Grizzlies dropped a metric ton of news releases since the last time we recorded, so we figured we’d break everything down that has happened over the last few day. We talk about preparing for Media Day and what we expect to see, but also, who we might not see. We have no idea if any upper management will make an appearance akin to how Chris Wallace used to at every scheduled media event. We then talk about the ins and outs of the Andre Iguodala and Josh Jackson situations and how the front office is trying to limit any sort of distractions around the young players. Igoudala and Jackson’s situations are nothing alike but they do overlap in some areas. We also talk about who we think makes the final roster cuts as we head into training camp and what we expect for an opening night lineup. Lastly, we wrap up going over the Grizzlies Promotional Giveaway schedule and talk about the ones we’re excited about.

Hosts: @HolyHotDang & @jakeingle___
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Host of Smashing Heads Podcast and The Litness: Memphis Grizzlies Podcast. Born and raised in West Tennessee, Zac is a big fan of two things: The Memphis Grizzlies and reality competition shows, especially MTV’s “The Challenge”. It just made sense to start a different podcast about each subject. Smashing Heads Podcast started in July 2018 and is all about “The Challenge” which is affectionately referred to as America’s 5th professional sport. It is co-hosted by his best friend, Jake and his wife, Hannah. The Litness is all about the Memphis Grizzlies and launched with the 2019-2020 season to cover the most exciting rebuild the team has ever gone through. It is also co-hosted by Jake.

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