What Does It All Mean for the NBA, the Coronavirus Shutdown? (Hollywood Hoops NBA Podcast)

The coronavirus has turned the world upside down for the Lakers, the Clippers, the NBA and, really, everyone on Planet Earth. The Lakers, in particular, will soon be tested for COVID-19 following the revelation that the Brooklyn Nets (LA’s most recent opponent) had four of its players test positive for virus. Right now, it’s all about social distancing—even (if not especially) for Eric Pincus and Josh Martin, who stayed far away from one another to record this week’s episode of Hollywood Hoops.

Our co-hosts catch up on their respective quarantines before delving into how this unprecedented shutdown has tested the notion that “Basketball Never Stops.” Eric and Josh recap the events leading up to the NBA’s postponement of the 2019-20 season. Will Rudy Gobert turn out to be the accidental hero who (finally) got Americans to take the threat of the coronavirus seriously?

The Hollywood Hoops crew then takes a closer look at how the shutdown could affect the economics of the league. Will players have to give back portions of their salary from the 2019-20 season, depending on how much basketball is lost? What ripple effects might we see on the salary cap in the years to come? How could the owners and players navigate these uncharted waters while keeping the peace? What effect will we see on superstars’ potential decision around free agency?

Finally, Eric and Josh close out the show by considering the repercussions of deep, league-wide economic losses on the rosters of the Lakers and Clippers. Could Anthony Davis pick up his player option for 2020-21—or even look to negotiate a long-term extension before then? How many of his teammates might follow suit with their options? What could this all mean for Montrezl Harrell and Marcus Morris’ respective futures with the Clippers?

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00:00 – Coronavirus Shuts Down the NBA
16:38 – How Postponement Could Hurt the League
28:20 – Cap Smoothing? Extension for AD?
40:34 – Lakers, Clippers and Free-Agent Uncertainy


Co-host of Hollywood Hoops, Eric Pincus covers the Los Angeles Lakers for Bleacher Report while serving as capologist for NBA TV and Basketball Insiders. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram, @EricPincus.

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