Ben Simmons Fantasy Outlook & Value 2019-2020

Coming off his second year, Ben Simmons‘ numbers stayed about the same. The Philadelphia 76ers are loaded with talent still, and we know the offense runs through Simmons and Joel Embiid. The only area Simmons lacks is the three point shooting, and he won’t offer up a chance at 20 points per game to go along with the rest of his stats. He has shot 55% in his career, which most of his shots are around the rum. He doesn’t take threes, and that has always been a notable mention. There have been some grumblings of him working on a more mid range shooting game and getting up threes over the summer. Philadelphia lost Redick and Butler, who were solid shooters. Josh Richardson isn’t quite as appealing with his FG%.

Simmons has averaged 16-8-7 over his first two seasons, and 1.6 steals per game. He continues to bring the rebounds and assists, and we can count on him to do that again. I am high on Simmons coming into this year, and believe he can improve in most categories despite the already strong numbers. The ability to post strong defensive stats is an underrated part of Simmons game. We have him projected for 2.6 steals + blocks a game, which is big in combination with the rest of his projected numbers.

Ben Simmons Projected Fantasy Stats



Ben Simmons projected stats are pretty close to a ceiling season for him this year. A jump to 18 points per game would be a nice addition, and Simmons assists should hover around the 8-9 mark with the same amount of boards. Simmons has an advantage of being 6’10 and playing point guard. He has length defensively and size over other guards defending him. This also gives him an advantage in rebounding. Simmons is a top 15-20 player when it comes to fantasy, but doesn’t quite have the top 10 upside given the names ahead of him. However, Simmons is easily someone who can make a jump in upside but still remain in this range for fantasy. Since returning from the back injury, he has played an average of 34 minutes per game and 160 games in two seasons. He is a durable point guard who contributes across the board. It doesn’t get much better then that.


Overall we have already seen Ben Simmons’ floor when it comes to fantasy. It has been exactly what he has done in his first two seasons, which is why he is a top 15 pick this season in fantasy. Even if he doesn’t hit that projection above, I wouldn’t expect him to fall below his 16-8-7 line that he posted last season. The 76ers are a primed fantasy bunch, and despite a stacked lineup, Simmons still has a solid floor and upside for fantasy potential. We didn’t get to see him play in the World Cup, and if he did in fact start working on his jumper, then watch out for Simmons this season. We won’t pump anymore hype around his jump shot until we see it consistently, but a more diversified Simmons would be a plus for the 76ers and his fantasy potential.

What to Expect

Philadelphia 76ersBen Simmons is being drafted as about the 5th point guard off the board, and the 15th overall player off the board. He is being drafted after Damian Lillard and Russell Westbrook and before Kyrie Irving and Kemba Walker. Simmons doesn’t have the scoring upside as those four in terms of points per game, but his ability to post efficient shooting numbers and all those peripheral stats put him strongly in this range. His average auction value is $39-40, which is a fair range given the surrounding prices. You are getting one of the prime point guards in fantasy, who chips in for each category expect three point shooting. If you can make up for that, which should be rather easy, then you have no reason to avoid Simmons.

This range in general is about guys who bring a solid fantasy floor, but also have the upside to lead your team throughout the year. Simmons is well a part of this group, and should be drafted as a top 15 player. This likely means he is an early second round pick, but some might reach for him in the late first as well.

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