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Combine accurate data science models with subjective input to predict game and player results.

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See simulation results of any 2017 Matchup. Watch the animated game for an "Atari" flashback.

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Online Betting is legal in the United States. See if you can legally bet on sports in your state.

2017-18 NFL Prediction Results

Overall model results without user subjective input are displayed below. While we don't advocate using predictions without user input, we believe in full transparency of prediction accuracy.

Bets Made


Net Profit




Bets Made Bet Win % Bet Amount Net Profit ROI
2 1% $164.65 $149.69 90.91% See Details
8 0% $269.14 $-5.49 -2.04% See Details
115 1% $2,752.57 $540.94 19.65% See Details
488 0% $6,969.15 $421.11 6.04% See Details
516 0% $2,714.65 $-297.70 -10.97% See Details

How To Create Winning Systems

Data Collection & Mining

Collected and mined over 1 million plays from 20 years of MLB & NFL data.

Machine Learning Models

Our Data Scientist designed proprietary models using 65 million data points for NFL.

User Input & Simulations

Only betting system enabling users to adjust modeling inputs and run real-time simulations

Real-Time Predictions

Update bet predictions in real-time based on real-time lineup data and news.

Build Betting Systems

No coding. Build a winning system using machine learning science to find an edge.

Find Winning Bets

View betting predictions in one place for game bets, team and player prop bets.

Changing Sports Data Science Forever

Watching sports on television and the internet is changing. More and more advanced sports analytics are being integrating into the multi-media experience. The sports viewing experience is shifting into a new paradigm. uses advanced analytics to enhance the viewing, betting and fantasy sports experience. We are filling a void left by untrustworthy betting pick sellers by providing digestible statistics, analysis and tools to help analyze winning opportunities. We provide real-time starting lineups, depth charts, nba rosters, nfl rosters, advanced statistics, live odds, simulator and betting systems to help you win more while having fun.

Betting tools on the market are outdated and have little to no value in today's betting environment. A large percentage of current betting systems use historical data without applying any learning or science. Without applying machine learning models, previous game outcomes have little to no bearing on future sports outcomes. Data mining can be helpful to identify trends or possibilities, but without applying science, you're handing your money to the sportsbooks.

The few sites offering machine learning predictions are simply selling picks. We created a tool allowing you to build your own system by applying your subject knowledge. We provide access to data and machine learning models 99.9% of the population will never have access to, let alone be able to adjust inputs and run simulations to see real-time sports predictions. You have the opportunity to control the most powerful betting prediction tool ever created.

Legal Sports Betting in the United States

The legal landscape of sports gambling in the United States changed forever in May 2018. The Supreme Court overturned a 1992 law in favor of New Jersey that prevented states from legalizing gambling. In recent years, polling showed that US citizens believe this was the correct decision. Many proponents have been communicating that illegal sports betting online is a estimated to be a $150 Billion dollar industry and it’s safer to legalize. So, what’s next for the States around the country? Well, a number of states already passed legislation for legalizing online sports betting. Delaware, New Jersey, West Virginia and Pennsylvania allow online sports betting. Many believe New York, California and Michigan to be coming in the near future. New Jersey casinos wasted no time in getting products live. Caesars online casino is one of the top sites running games. Not to be outdone, the Daily Fantasy companies joined the fray as well. DraftKings Sportsbook has launched their initial promo code offering in New Jersey and it's a good one. A $200 free bet is waiting for you. FanDuel Sportsbook is on it's way and it's sure to be another great head to head matchup. You can find all our online betting promo codes as well as full reviews of the online betting sites.

We’re looking at process that will take a number of years and each state will regulate in their own way. We hope the regulation and licensing process will be well thought, thorough and carry some of the same processes. However, each state has unique considerations such as existing casinos, online lotteries, racetracks and other forms of brick and mortar gambling institutions. While we aren’t convinced it will happen, the Federal Government can still step in and institute a form of federal regulation to complicate the process. This has already been attempted by Representative Chuck Schumer.

We feel the new legal perspective on sports betting in the US is a positive step forward and protects US citizens who can easily lose money with unethical overseas operations. We’ve seen it happen a number of times in the past where an online casino exists one day and is gone the next. There are countless situations where irresponsible online casinos lose/share customer data. There are frequent payment processing hoops to jump through as offshore Sportsbooks and online casinos try to circumvent laws to process US payments. We feel these laws will enable businesses like to grow and create fun tools to make sports more fun.

Gambling addiction is a real issue and people need to regulate themselves and only gamble with what they are willing and able to lose. We understand, the new laws will make gambling more easily accessible. However, in reality a gambling addict prior to legalization is more than likely finding a way to place bets illegally through a bookie or in a risky overseas betting website. Other countries around the world have benefited economically from the legalization for sports betting. It’s time the money flowing overseas helps US businesses. We’re excited for the next paradigm in sports betting and are thrilled to be along for the ride.