Machine Learning Betting System

Machine Learning Betting System

Combine accurate data science models with subjective input to predict game and player results.

In-Game Predicto

In-Game Predictor

Watch Live in-game predictions and find and edge with in-game bets

Daily Fantasy Lineup  Optimizer

Daily Fantasy Lineup Optimizer

Gain an Edge with Machine Learning Projections and Ownership %

How To Create Winning Systems

Data Collection & Mining

Collected and mined over 1 million plays from 20 years of MLB & NFL data.

Machine Learning Models

Our Data Scientist designed proprietary models using 65 million data points for NFL.

User Input & Simulations

Only betting system enabling users to adjust modeling inputs and run real-time simulations

Real-Time Predictions

Update bet predictions in real-time based on real-time lineup data and news.

Build Betting Systems

No coding. Build a winning system using machine learning science to find an edge.

Find Winning Bets

View betting predictions in one place for game bets, team and player prop bets.

Changing Sports Data Science Forever

Betting tools on the market are outdated and have little to no value in today's betting enviornment. A large percentage of current betting systems use historical data without applying any learning or science. Without applying machine learning models, previous game outcomes have little to no bearing on future sports outcomes. Data mining can be helpful to identify trends or possibilities, but without applying science, you're handing your money to the sportsbooks.

The few sites offering machine learning predictions are simply selling picks. We created a tool allowing you to build your own system by applying your subject knowledge. We provide access to data and machine learning models 99.9% of the population will never have access to, let alone be able to adjust inputs and run simulations to see real-time sports predictions. You have the opportunity to control the most powerful betting prediction tool ever created.

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