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Starting lineups are a critical aspect of sports, whether it's for data analysis, betting, or fantasy sports purposes. Lineups tell us who is going to be starting in that game. Whether it's MLB starting lineups of nine or the defensive starters are for a football team, you will want to know. Lineups go through two stages, projected lineups and confirmed lineups. Our lineups update with real-time news to give you instant changes as they occur. Projected lineups are expected based on recent events and injuries. Confirmed lineups are displayed once a trusted source has validated the information. Knowing projected and confirmed lineups is essential for making lineup decisions in fantasy, as well as making decisions on your bets. If you are playing fantasy baseball, you will want to make sure all your players are in the lineup. You might be betting on an NFL player prop bet, you'll need to know snaps, targets, and projected playing time. We provide updated NBA rosters, so you can see which players are currently on every team. The NBA Draft has been pushed back to end of October, 2020, and we have a seriously in-depth NBA Mock Draft.

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Thankfully, we live in a time where this information is easier to obtain and can adapt to confirmations and changes. Twitter has given us easy access to information, and we can get it quicker than ever. If a running back is questionable all week, we don’t need to make an educated guess on Saturday night. We can get up to date information up until the game time, as well as during it. We harness this information and use it for projecting and confirming lineups. Changes that happen in real-time are reflected in our lineups. NBA injuries and teams confirming NBA starting lineups play a massive part in their betting and fantasy product. It is the sport that demands you to hover around your phone or computer for news. We make that easier on you.

Lineups are just a small part of the overall picture. We bring you more than just whether a player is in the lineup. Stats are an important part of who a player is and the statistical worth to the team. Analyzing the crucial stats of a player gives you a look at what they do best. That can be base stealing, to receiving touchdowns, to three-pointers depending on the sport you are analyzing. We also have a unique formula to give players their unique and personal player ratings. Stats from the past and stats that are occurring for a current season factor into this rating. Projecting what players are going to do has become a growing part of the industry. Our machine learning algorithms help predict stats and outcomes of games and players. Our process is different from just plugging in a few variables to get a projection. We feel we are developing some of the most advanced set of projections available. We use our fantasy football projections and fantasy football stats to create Fantasy Football Rankings.

Legal Sports Betting in the United States


The legal landscape of sports gambling in the United States changed forever in May 2018. The doors opened for US sports betting to be legalized nationwide. The Supreme Court overturned a 1992 law in favor of New Jersey that prevented states from legalizing sports betting in the US. In recent years, polling showed that US citizens believe this was the correct decision. Many proponents have been communicating that illegal sports betting online is estimated to be a $150 Billion industry, and it’s safer to legalize.


So, what’s next for the States around the country? Well, a number of states already passed legislation to legalize online sports betting. Eagles fans can rejoice, Pennsylvania sports betting is live and legal. New Jersey opened the doors and has over ten sportsbook apps in the New Jersey sports betting market. Colorado launched with a handful of the top sports betting apps. New users can receive thousands in free bonuses for signing up on a Colorado sports betting mobile app. Michigan sports betting is legal and operators are launching in November 2020. The leader in the space will either be DraftKings Michigan or FanDuel Michigan. Both companies have established leadership roles in every single other legalized state. Michigan has approximately 10 million residents, ranking as one of the top 7 most populated states in America. Detroit has a rich history of sports excellence and fandom. We fully expect sports betting volume to rival neighboring states. Unfortunately, New York sports betting is only available in Upstate NY at this time. We expect this to change in the future. Although, it may take a changing of the guard in the Governor position.


Illinois is one of the largest betting markets that are now open. Illinois sports betting revenue figures to eventually compete with PA and NJ. Tennessee sports betting was legalized in April 2019 and the Tennessee Lottery is finally approving mobile sports betting applications. DraftKings Sportsbook Tennessee and FanDuel Sportsbook Tennessee launched in state on November 1, 2020. BetMGM Tennessee is the only sportsbook that has an exclusive deal with the Tennessee Titans. BetMGM has been making significant strides in securing the number three position behind DraftKings & FanDuel. With a power brand and quality offerings, we are eager to see how the company performs in Michigan. BetMGM has increased their brand recognition through strategic sports partnerships and is looking to do the same in Pennsylvania. BetMGM Pennsylvania is partnering with the Pittsburgh Steelers to offer a one of kind Sweepstakes that awards the winner 10 years of Steelers tickets. We expect BetMGM to vault to the top of the PA sportsbook ranks in a matter of months. Being in California, we can only hope California sports betting comes online in the coming years. People have been betting online in California illegally for years, but that takes tax dollars out of the state and increase player risk. It's not what we want as an industry moving forward.

New Jersey casinos wasted no time in getting products live. Not to be left out of the fray, the top Daily Fantasy companies joined the NJ sports betting space. DraftKings launched their flagship app featuring a new user DraftKings Sportsbook promo code that offers up to $1,000 in bonuses. DraftKings hasn't settled on their success. The company launched a Casino offering and provided a DraftKings Casino promo code in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and now Michigan. The company still leads in the daily fantasy sports space in revenue and user base. DraftKings launched its initial promo code offering in New Jersey and has carried the same offer to all other states. The offer breaks down to a $500 free sign up bet and $500 deposit match. The DraftKings promo code offering resulted in a record number of sign-ups in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Colorado and Indiana. DraftKings Sportsbook bonus details are straightforward. You need to be 18 years old, be a new user, and make an initial deposit. The bonus will immediately display in your account.

FanDuel responded with a FanDuel Sportsbook promo code of their own. FanDuel Sportsbook provides a $500 risk-free bet after your first deposit. The company also answered with a casino product of their own. The parent company Flutter Entertainment owns Betfair Casino as well. So, there are now two competing casino products under the same company. Both casinos provide a welcome offer to new users. The Betfair Casino promo code provides a $200 free bet and the FanDuel casino promo code is exactly the same at $200. It's an opportunity to score two free bets for the consumer, but it may not last long. We believe shortly, the company will favor one casino product over the other and consolidate the two. It makes the most sense to us that FanDuel Casino be the primary brand in the US. We'll have to wait and see what the company approach is as additional states launch online casino apps. While the daily fantasy sports giant launched sports betting later, they have battled for the top revenue position in every state. The two companies are on their way to another great head to head matchup. There are terms to understand as you need to be of legal age and located in the legal state. Read through our FanDuel promo code fact table for all the bonus details. The 3rd spot is a battle that is currently being won by William Hill. Our William Hill Promo Code provides $50 free on sign up. Our next site recommendation is Pointsbet, an Australian based company with unique welcome bonus promotions. The Lineups Pointsbet promo code provides up to $2,000 bonus. It's a good time to be in a legal betting state. Fox Sports entered the online game by purchasing an existing sports betting site and creating Fox Bet Sportsbook. Fox Bet is featured daily on Fox Sports television shows and hopes to drive mainstream viewers to the site.

We provide explanations of all the sportsbook promo codes as well as full reviews of the online sports betting sites. If prop games are your forte, Monkey Knife Fight is the newest kid on the block. The current monkey knife fight promo code provides new users with up to $500 in free money. We created an easy to read explanation of the Monkey Knife Fight promo code to help you understand what it takes to earn the full bonus. You can use some of that free money bonus and bet on Super Bowl 55. We have a complete breakdown of the line movement on our newly minted 2021 super bowl odds page. We have pulled in the NFL super bowl odds from the top legal US sportsbooks. It's never too early to look at Super Bowl 55 Odds, and we are updating them live throughout the year. The NFL Draft is upon us, and you can bet on who will be drafted at certain positions. Our writers put together a comprehensive NFL Draft Rankings for the 2021 season; we have an in-depth analysis of the Top 50 college football prospects.

Fantasy Football 2020

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We have some amazing fantasy football content for you to eat up. We update our weekly fantasy football rankings leading up to your fantasy draft and throughout the season. We recommend starting with our 2020 fantasy football cheat sheet excel download with rankings, auction values, and ADP for each position. Research the fantasy points allowed by each defense to each skill position on offense. You can also find the fantasy points scored by each position to identify high-value candidates. Next, check out our set of fantasy sleeper articles to find the guys that can provide the value you need to win your league. Jason Guilbault covers the top fantasy football sleepers of the 2020 NFL season. Dig deeper with the best tight end sleepers of the year. Team defense can mean the difference between winning and losing a championship. Before drafting, read our defense fantasy football rankings and defense fantasy football projections for 2020. We provide fantasy stats, projections and 2020 Top fantasy football PPR rankings for all positions. Now, with the season started, we have Fantasy Football Waiver Wire articles to help you find the best weekly pickups. Each Monday, we update our NFL Defense Rankings and Defensive player fantasy rankings.

Our goal is to become a destination for quality sports news and information. Our NBA starting lineups are released with a projected and confirmed status as fast as any other industry site. Our NBA rosters are updated multiple times each day to account for all free agent transactions, trades, and movement within the team. We post our MLB starting lineups with the same speed and accuracy. We produce quality articles that range from Player Bios to NFL Bye Weeks Schedule. We take pride in our ability to provide a perspective from a sports fan and data nerd. Some of the folks on our team have worked in professional leagues before, like the National Basketball Association (NBA). Others have played and coached college football, while most are just avid fans with a passion for sports and drive to create a valuable product. You can start with our 2020 fantasy football Sleepers article for your upcoming fantasy football draft.

Sports Betting Rollout in the US in Next 5 Years

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We’re looking at a process that will take several years, and each state will regulate it in their way. We hope the regulation and licensing process will be well thought, thorough, and carry some of the same processes. However, each state has unique considerations, such as existing laws, casinos, lotteries, racetracks, and other forms of brick and mortar gambling institutions. While we don't know it will happen, the Federal Government can still step in and institute a form of federal regulation to complicate the process. There was an attempt in 2018 by Representative Chuck Schumer.

We feel the new legal perspective on sports betting in the US is a positive step forward and protects US citizens from losing money to unethical overseas operations. We’ve seen it happen many times in the past where an online casino exists one day and is gone the next. There are countless situations where irresponsible online casinos lose/share customer data. There are many payment processing hoops to jump through as offshore Sportsbooks and try to circumvent laws to process US payments.

We feel these laws will enable businesses like to grow and create fun tools to make sports more fun. We've seen online lotteries succeed in Michigan and Pennsylvania thus far. There have been some legal battles over the types of games on the Michigan Lottery website. Casinos have taken exception to the Instant Games feature, which they believe directly competes with casino games. We promote the Michigan Lottery & PA Lottery on our site with a verified Michigan Lottery promo code and PA Lottery bonus code. Each code provides new users with a free sign up bonus. You can find full details of the Michigan Lottery welcome bonus on our review page. You must be 18 years or older, located within the state, and be a new user.

Gambling addiction is a real issue, and people need to regulate themselves and only gamble with what they are willing and able to lose. We understand the new laws will make gambling more easily accessible. However, in reality, a gambling addict before legalization is more than likely going to find a way to place bets illegally through a bookie or on a risky overseas betting website. Other countries around the world have benefited economically from the legalization of sports betting. It’s time the money flowing overseas helps US businesses. We’re excited about the next paradigm in sports betting and are thrilled to be along for the ride.

Sports Are in Midst of a Paradigm Shift

We certainly cover the necessary and beloved rankings and editorial guides. We love to debate the age-old player comparison, and our passion comes through in our work. Some of our most-read articles and news items include MLB Power Rankings 2020 NFL Power Rankings 2020, 2020 NBA Rankings, Top 50 All-Time NBA Players, Top 50 NFL Players of All-Time, Top 50 MLB Players of All-Time, and MLB Free Agent Tracker 2020.

Watching sports on television and the internet is changing. More and more advanced sports analytics are being integrated into the multi-media experience. The sports viewing experience is shifting into a new paradigm of tracking starting lineups and seeing real-time betting metrics. uses advanced analytics to enhance the viewing, betting, and fantasy sports experience. We fill a void left by untrustworthy betting pick sellers by providing digestible statistics, analysis, and tools to help analyze winning opportunities. We provide real-time starting lineups, NFL depth charts, nfl rosters, NFL snap counts, NFL Targets, NFL odds, and betting systems to help you win more while having fun.

Betting tools on the market are outdated and have little to no value in today's betting environment. A large percentage of current betting systems use historical data without applying any learning or science. Without affecting machine learning models, previous game outcomes have little to no bearing on future sports outcomes. Data mining can help identify trends or possibilities, but without applying science, you're handing your money to the sportsbooks.

The few sites offering machine learning predictions are only selling picks. We created a tool allowing you to build your system by applying your subject knowledge. We provide access to data and machine learning models 99.9% of the population will never have access to, let alone be able to adjust inputs and run simulations to see real-time sports predictions. You have the opportunity to control the most powerful betting prediction tool ever created.

NFL Prediction Results

Overall model results without user subjective input are displayed below. While we don't advocate using predictions without user input, we believe in full transparency of prediction accuracy.

Bets Made


Net Profit




Bets Made Bet Win % Bet Amount Net Profit ROI
2 100% $165.00 $149.00 90.91%
8 50% $269.00 $-5.49 -2.04%
115 60% $2,753.00 $540.94 19.65%
488 49% $6,969.00 $421.11 6.05%
516 43% $286.00 $221.00 -10.97%
1,129 47% $1,287.00 $808.53 6.28%

How To Create Winning Systems

Data Mining

Data Collection & Mining

Collected and mined over 1 million plays from 20 years of MLB & NFL data.

Machine Learning Models

Machine Learning Models

Our Data Scientist designed proprietary models using 65 million data points for NFL.

User Input & Simulations

User Input & Simulations

Only betting system enabling users to adjust modeling inputs and run real-time simulations

Real-Time Predictions

Real-Time Predictions

Update bet predictions in real-time based on real-time lineup data and news.

Build Betting Systems

Build Betting Systems

No coding. Build a winning system using machine learning science to find an edge.

Find Winning Bets

Find Winning Bets

View betting predictions in one place for game bets, team and player prop bets.