2020 NBA Power Rankings (Updated 12/27/2019)

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Milwaukee Bucks1. Milwaukee Bucks

2019-2020 Record: 27-5 Previous Rank: 1

The Bucks continue to boast the best record in the league, and are 8-2 in their last ten games. Milwaukee is scoring 120 points per game and allowing just 107.

Los Angeles Lakers2. Los Angeles Lakers

2019-2020 Record 24-7 Previous Rank: 2

While the Lakers have dropped four straight, there isn’t much cause for concern. Health needs to be the important thing here with Davis and James carrying the questionable tags a few times of late.

Los Angeles Clippers

3. LA Clippers

2019-2020 Record 21-9 Previous Rank: 3

The Clippers have begun to find a groove winning seven of their last ten games, and won a crucial game against the Lakers on Christmas where they had to battle back.

Miami Heat

4. Miami Heat

2019-2020 Record 22-8 Previous Rank: 4

The Heat just keep on rolling and have dished out some streak ending losses to teams around the league. They have been unbeatable at home, and are averaging 112 points per game.

Boston Celtics5. Boston Celtics

2019-2020 Record 21-7 Previous Rank: 6

Boston is 8-2 in their last ten games, and have won four straight. They have been one of the better home teams, and are currently third overall in the league.


6. Philadelphia 76ers

2019-2020 Record 23-10 Previous Rank: 5

One moment the Sixers look like a real contender, and then they have a slip up loss where they look lost. They have won three straight and crushed the Bucks on Christmas.

Denver Nuggets

7. Denver Nuggets

2019-2020 Record 21-9 Previous Rank: 11

The Nuggets are now 7-3 in their last ten games and have been playing better basketball. They were a threat to begin the year, although not much talk has surrounded them of late.

Houston Rockets

8. Houston Rockets

2019-2020 Record: 21-10 Previous Rank: 7

Houston dropped the Christmas Day game against Golden State, but have been relatively consistent this season. There is a slight gap between the Los Angeles teams and Houston however.

Indiana Pacers

9. Indiana Pacers

2019-2020 Record 21-10 Previous Rank: 8

Anyone in the eastern conference should have a concern for the Pacers, who have won four in a row and seven of their last ten games. Victor Oladipo isn’t even back yet, and this team is thriving.

Dallas Mavericks

10. Dallas Mavericks

2019-2020 Record 20-10 Previous Rank: 10

Dallas survived a quick few games without Luka Doncic, as he returned with a near triple double. They are 6-4 in the last ten games, and a real threat in the west.

Toronto Raptors

11. Toronto Raptors

2019-2020 Record: 21-10 Previous Rank: 9

Toronto will have to deal with the injury bug for the next few weeks, but still have been strong. While they dropped a couple of games against tougher opponents, the Raptors still are a top tier team.

Utah Jazz

12. Utah Jazz

2019-2020 Record 19-12 Previous Rank: 12

The Jazz are 7-3 in their last ten games and have been playing under the radar a bit. They need to fix their road game record, but have been dominant at home.

Brooklyn Nets

13. Brooklyn Nets

2019-2020 Record 16-14 Previous Rank: 13

Continuing to hover over .500 by a game or two, Brooklyn remains a struggling defensive team, and Kyrie Irving continues to sit out. It will be interesting to watch his return, whenever that happens.

Oklahoma City Thunder

14. Oklahoma City Thunder

2019-2020 Record 15-15 Previous Rank: 14

Oklahoma City has relied upon their strong defense so far this season, and while they are not going anywhere this season, they have been very competitive and not an easy win for the rest of the league.

Portland Trail Blazers

15. Portland Trail Blazers

2019-2020 Record 14-18 Previous Rank: 18

Portland continues to play inconsistent basketball, and overall the wing scoring has been disappointing. The lack of bench options has also played a part.

Orlando Magic

16. Orlando Magic

2019-2020 Record 13-17 Previous Rank: 15

This is looking a lot like last year’s Orlando team where they are struggling to score, but the defense has been able to keep them in games. Trade rumors continue to fly around for Aaron Gordon as well.

Sacramento Kings

17. Sacramento Kings

2019-2020 Record 12-19 Previous Rank: 16

Things have begun to unravel for the Kings. Dwayne Dedmon wants out, De’Aaron Fox can’t escape injuries, and the same goes for Marvin Bagley. Buddy Hield has also called out the coaching staff.

Charlotte Hornets

18. Charlotte Hornets

2019-2020 Record 13-20 Previous Rank: 17

I don’t think anybody expected Charlotte to be this competitive. It comes with Devonte Graham who has blossomed into a machine in the Hornets backcourt. While they still have below average talent around him, the Hornets are not a team to take lightly.

19. Phoenix Suns

2019-2020 Record 11-19 Previous Rank: 19

Phoenix has now lost seven straight, and while they have gotten back Deandre Ayton, his ankle has given him trouble. After a strong start we have seen Phoenix slide back down.

Minnesota Timberwolves

20. Minnesota Timberwolves

2019-2020 Record 11-19 Previous Rank: 20

Minnesota is all of a sudden down with the bottom dwellers of the league. They are allowing 117 points per game, which overshadows the offense scoring 114. The only positive is that the losing streak ended.

San Antonio Spurs

21. San Antonio Spurs

2019-2020 Record 12-18 Previous Rank: 22

San Antonio is allowing 115 points per game, which is uncharacteristic for them. DeMar DeRozan and LaMarcus Aldridge are not a duo that will contend, and the Spurs have to know that.

Detroit Pistons

22. Detroit Pistons

2019-2020 Record 12-20 Previous Rank: 21

Detroit continues to play middling basketball, and are 4-6 in the last ten games. Blake Griffin continues to battle injuries, and depth scoring is just not there. The season is moving past, and luckily the bottom of the east leaves the door open for the playoffs.

Chicago Bulls

23. Chicago Bulls

2019-2020 Record 12-20 Previous Rank: 23

Chicago is on their way to at least surpassing last year’s win total, but they remain one of the poorer teams in the league. Zach LaVine leads a stagnant offense, and we haven’t seen bigger steps from the young guy.

Memphis Grizzlies

24. Memphis Grizzlies

2019-2020 Record 12-20 Previous Rank: 24

Memphis has a young core that is fun to watch, and they are pushing the pace more than any other season prior. The wins won’t come, but at least Memphis is a team we get excited to watch.

Golden State Warriors

25. Golden State Warriors

2019-2020 Record: 8-24 Previous Rank: 30

The Warriors put together a nice week picking up three wins, including a Christmas Day upset over Houston. It will be hard for them to keep this pace going, but they managed to get out of the basement.

Washington Wizards

26. Washington Wizards

2019-2020 Record 9-21 Previous Rank: 25

The Wizards have a young team of names they are looking to see if they fit in the future. It won’t be a pretty record, but this Wizards team can put up points in bunches, unfortunately they are allowing over 120 per game.

New Orleans Pelicans

27. New Orleans Pelicans

2019-2020 Record 9-23 Previous Rank: 27

There were higher expectations than what they likely should have had. New Orleans has lost seven of the last ten and continue to allow teams to run right through them offensively.

Cleveland Cavaliers

28. Cleveland Cavaliers

2019-2020 Record 9-21 Previous Rank: 28

Cleveland has listed about everyone for a possible trade as they are 9-21 and heading back down in the standings to where they were last season. This team will get worse once Kevin Love is traded.

New York Knicks

29. New York Knicks

2019-2020 Record 8-24 Previous Rank: 29

New York has won a few games of late, but continue to struggle offensively. It is no surprise given the roster construction over the summer. Trade pieces might be moving soon.

Atlanta Hawks

30. Atlanta Hawks

2019-2020 Record 6-25 Previous Rank: 26

The downward slide continues as the Hawks have now lost eight straight. The defense continues to be a struggle and despite Trae Young’s play, the wins just aren’t coming.

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