2019-20 NBA Power Rankings

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Los Angeles Lakers1. Los Angeles Lakers

2019-2020 Record 52-19 Previous Rank: 2

The Lakers continue to take care of business, going 9-1 in the last ten games. They are also playing strong defense in that span as well and rank inside the top five this season in defensive rating.

Toronto Raptors

2. Toronto Raptors

2019-2020 Record: 53-19 Previous Rank: 3

Toronto needs to get healthy here, but have dealt with adversity all year long. They continue to play well and are top ten in defensive rating and offensive rating.

Los Angeles Clippers

3. LA Clippers

2019-2020 Record 49-23 Previous Rank: 4

It is weird to think the Clippers are not the talking point right now, as they have been playing slightly above .500 in the last few weeks. Struggling a bit on the road has been their issue.

Boston Celtics4. Boston Celtics

2019-2020 Record 48-24 Previous Rank: 5

Boston has had some issues of late in closing out games and also being in close games in the fourth. Not what you want to see from a playoff team down the stretch.

Miami Heat

5. Miami Heat

2019-2020 Record 44-29 Previous Rank: 8

Miami has been in a bit of a tailspin, and have had some bad losses. Every team will go through this throughout the year, so not too worried here as they are still one of the better teams int he east.

Milwaukee Bucks6. Milwaukee Bucks

2019-2020 Record: 56-17 Previous Rank: 1

The Bucks are on pace to finish with top five in margin of victory. Getting down to the wire, we should see a few rest days here and there as they continue to put room between them and the rest of the league.

Houston Rockets

7. Houston Rockets

2019-2020 Record: 44-28 Previous Rank: 8

Houston is on a losing streak, and have really struggled from the field of late. Going do or die with the shooting in a small-ball lineup, these stretches will certainly be there.

Denver Nuggets

8. Denver Nuggets

2019-2020 Record 46-27 Previous Rank: 7

The Nuggets would like to lock up the two seed, but Houston and the Clippers are right there. They are a better home team, and that would help come playoff time.

Utah Jazz

9. Utah Jazz

2019-2020 Record 44-28 Previous Rank: 9

While the Jazz have a game every now and then that makes you question how good they really are, they are still sitting just a few games out of the two seed in the West.

Oklahoma City Thunder

10. Oklahoma City Thunder

2019-2020 Record 44-28 Previous Rank: 10

Oklahoma City is 7-3 in their last ten games, and continue to play excellent basketball. They are top ten in defensive rating, and Chris Paul has gotten better as the season has gone on.

philadelphia 76ers

11. Philadelphia 76ers

2019-2020 Record 43-30 Previous Rank: 11

There is a lot of uncertainty around the 76ers right now, as Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid are both out. Luckily this is a deeper team that can handle it over the next few weeks.

Dallas Mavericks

12. Dallas Mavericks

2019-2020 Record 43-32 Previous Rank: 12

Dallas continues to keep pace with what they have been doing all year long, and Kristaps Porzingis is starting to look like his old self again. With the Mavs back at full health they will dive right into the new playoff race.

Indiana Pacers

13. Indiana Pacers

2019-2020 Record 45-28 Previous Rank: 13

Injuries have limited the Pacers over the last few weeks, making it tough to find some consistency. That being said, this is still a solid defensive team, but need to find more on the offensive end.

Portland Trail Blazers

14. Portland Trail Blazers

2019-2020 Record 35-39 Previous Rank: 18

It is all about keeping pace with Damian Lillard out right now, and they haven’t done a great job at that. This team was already struggling this season, and losing your best player for two weeks is going to be tough.

New Orleans Pelicans

15. New Orleans Pelicans

2019-2020 Record 30-42 Previous Rank: 14

The second half has been a surge for the Pelicans as Zion Williamson has pushed this starting five up a level. They are just a few games out and will be looking to make a move with a few weeks left.

Orlando Magic

16. Orlando Magic

2019-2020 Record 33-40 Previous Rank: 15

The offense continues to struggle, ranking 26th in offensive rating, but defensively they keep themselves in games. Orlando is heading to a playoff spot, and have a decent remaining schedule.

Brooklyn Nets

17. Brooklyn Nets

2019-2020 Record 35-37 Previous Rank: 17

Brooklyn is still likely headed for a playoff spot, but the upside of their season has gone down the drain with Kyrie Irving’s season-ending injury. They will turn to next year.

Memphis Grizzlies

18. Memphis Grizzlies

2019-2020 Record 34-39 Previous Rank: 19

Memphis is hanging on for dear playoff life as they have lost five straight. They will have to fend off New Orleans, Portland, and now Sacramento. With Jaren Jackson and Brandon Clarke, they are hurting as well.

phoenix suns

19. Phoenix Suns

2019-2020 Record 34-39 Previous Rank: 20

Kelly Oubre had been playing terrific basketball this season but looks to be out the rest of the year. Deandre Ayton has picked up his play, and they rank in the middle of the league in offensive and defensive rating.

Sacramento Kings

20. Sacramento Kings

2019-2020 Record 31-41 Previous Rank: 16

Sacramento has rattled off seven wins in their last ten games and now find themselves just a few games out of the playoff spot. With Memphis dealing with injuries, the Kings are within striking distance.

San Antonio Spurs

21. San Antonio Spurs

2019-2020 Record 32-39 Previous Rank: 21

Offensively this team hasn’t been bad this season, ranking 12th in offensive rating. But the defense has really struggled. They have also struggled big-time at home.

Washington Wizards

22. Washington Wizards

2019-2020 Record 25-47 Previous Rank: 22

It’s weird to think the Wizards are just five games out of a playoff spot, but that says more about the teams ahead of them compared to the Wizards. Bradley Beal is also a highlight reel each night.

Chicago Bulls

23. Chicago Bulls

2019-2020 Record 22-43 Previous Rank: 23

Chicago has lost nine out of their last ten games, as the injuries piled up in the frontcourt. We have seen a glimpse of Coby White’s upside over the past week though.

Atlanta Hawks

24. Atlanta Hawks

2019-2020 Record 20-47 Previous Rank: 24

The Hawks continue to really struggle on the defensive side, but Trae Young’s nightly performances at least make the Hawks a fun team to watch. Overall this group had some growing pains this year, but the upside is bright.

Charlotte Hornets

25. Charlotte Hornets

2019-2020 Record 23-42 Previous Rank: 25

Devonte Graham was the highlight of the Hornets in the first half but has really struggled of late. However, Malik Monk has gotten going a bit. This group will look towards the offseason as they continue to rebuild.

Minnesota Timberwolves

26. Minnesota Timberwolves

2019-2020 Record 19-45 Previous Rank: 26

Karl-Anthony Towns being out is going to put a damper on this team’s offense. Malik Beasley has come over and looked nice, and D’Angelo Russell is still getting situated.

New York Knicks

27. New York Knicks

2019-2020 Record 21-45 Previous Rank: 27

While we see flashes of upside from names like Julius Randle and Elfrid Payton, but this team continues to come in second on a nightly basis. Eliminated from playoff contention, the Knicks will now focus on the offseason.

Detroit Pistons

28. Detroit Pistons

2019-2020 Record 20-46 Previous Rank: 28

With Andre Drummond and Reggie Jackson out of town, it will be about getting better looks at the youth they have on their team. We also get some vintage Derrick Rose games mixed in.

Cleveland Cavaliers

29. Cleveland Cavaliers

2019-2020 Record 19-46 Previous Rank: 29

Cleveland continues to roll out mystery rotations, as this franchise doesn’t seem to have a direction. The trade for Andre Drummond also continues to be a head-scratcher.

Golden State Warriors

30. Golden State Warriors

2019-2020 Record: 15-50 Previous Rank: 30

This has been a lost season for a while now, and the Warriors firmly had the worst record in the NBA. They are struggling on both sides of the floor, ranking bottom five.



Frequently Asked Questions

What Are NBA Power Rankings?

NBA Power Rankings are a weekly update to showcase where teams rank against each other in something other than just record. The strength of schedule and overall play also factor in how teams are ranked. These update weekly to keep you up to date.

Who Has The Best NBA Record 2020?

The Milwaukee Bucks currently have the best record in the NBA, sitting at 53-12. They have lost just three games at home and are also 25-9 on the road. Milwaukee has the best point differential in the NBA (+11.2).

Who Is The Number One Team In The NBA?

Milwaukee has the best record in the NBA at 53-12, but they also are dominating on both sides of the ball. They average 118.6 points per game and 107.4 opponent points per game. Milwaukee has the league’s best point differential.

Who Is The Worst Team In The NBA?

After Curry and Thompson missed essentially the entire 2019-20 season, the Golden State Warriors have been the worst team in the NBA. They have won just 15 games and have scored only 106 points per game. The defense has struggled to allow 115 points per game.

Who Has The Worst Record In NBA 2020?

The Golden State Warriors have the worst record in the NBA. They are 15-50 and have one just 23% of games played. After being one of the better teams in the NBA injuries have decimated the team’s roster leaving them limited.

How Often Are NBA Power Rankings Updated?

Our NBA Power Rankings are updated weekly, often on Mondays to updated based on the most recent week and how the season has gone up until a specific point. This will give you a more up to date look at how teams are performing.

How Are NBA Power Rankings Calculated?

There are a lot of factors that go into the power rankings. We take a look at the strength of schedule, team play, roster changes, and overall record. There is still a larger sample size look at teams, even though it is updated weekly.

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