Fox Bet Virginia: Sportsbook Launch Coming Soon (See Betting Guide Now)

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FoxBet Virginia Updates

Virginia sports betting launched in late January. Virginia unveiled one of the oddest, most secretive, and slowest rollouts of online sports betting that we have seen. This led to a cloud of speculation to loom over sports betting in the state. However, most assume that Fox Bet will be one of the many sportsbooks to launch in Virginia in the following weeks and months.

Fox Bet itself has just recently expanded its operations to include Michigan, a state that many see as one of the most lucrative to launch in awhile. Fox Bet is going to build on this momentum with Fox Bet Virginia.

Fox Bet is owned by Fox Entertainment and Flutter Group. Flutter also owns FanDuel and has a massive presence in American sports betting. Meanwhile, Fox is the biggest name in live sports entertainment alongside NBC and Disney (ABC/ESPN).

Fox Bet Virginia Welcome Bonus

Fox Bet’s current welcome offer for new users is a $500 first bet bonus. This means that the first bet you place will be refunded if you were to lose. The max amount is $500, which will come from Fox Bet in the form of a bonus bet.

Fox Bet Virginia Promo Codes Welcome Bonus Details on Fox Bet
New User Bonus Amount$500
Bonus TypeA first bet bonus
How to Redeem1. Must be 21 Years Old
2. Create an account
3. Make a deposit
Eligibility Must physically be in Virginia and you must be a new user to the sportsbook
Last Verification February 2024

Fox Bet Virginia Sportsbook Review

You can play Fox Bet Sportsbook on both your desktop and mobile device. The mobile applications are available on iOS and Android. The iOS version is on the Apple Store, and the Android version is available to be downloaded through Fox Bet’s website.

Desktop Overview

The desktop site for Fox Bet is actually rather organized and well-designed. There is not really any fuss and issues finding wagers, managing your account, or managing bets. Another plus for the desktop app is that so much information is available on one screen due to the larger screen size. The desktop site works well with Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

One of the best features on the desktop is the bet slip itself. On the desktop, not only is the bet slip easy to manage but constructing parlays and teasers is an enjoyable experience. It is also very easy to apply the promotional offers to your bet slip. When it comes to sports betting, your bet slip is where it all happens, so having a great one is crucial.

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Mobile Overview

Fox Bet has done a fantastic job in recent months with improving its mobile app experience and its sportsbook in general. This is something that deserves a lot of credit, not all sportsbooks are getting better, but Fox Bet has listened to feedback and is one of the few who keep improving in an attempt to have the best experience possible.

Fox Bet does a great job of translating the good desktop experience to the mobile app by giving the same layout just in a condensed space. However, the best feature on mobile is live game betting. Fox Bet is one of the few sportsbooks that makes in-game wagers easy and fun with the mobile application.

Top 3 Tips For Betting on Fox Bet



Opting-in and Using Promotions

When betting with Fox Bet, the first thing that you need to do is check the ongoing promotions. Oftentimes, Fox Bet will offer boosted odds, bonus bets, or other bet offers. You want to make sure to take advantage of all promotional value available to you.

These promotions can often lead to tons in winnings, and you can then take these bonuses and use them to supply your other wagers in the future. It sounds simple, but it is something that is often not utilized enough when betting on sports.

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Taking advantage of Prop-Bets

Fox Bet offers thousands of prop-bets on almost every sport. Oftentimes, these prop-bets can have loads of value. While it can be tedious, sifting through these prop-bets and finding something that you are confident in is one way to earn big-time cash.

If you are a fantasy player, you can often find bets on stats for individual players; here, you can take advantage of the fact that you are knowledgeable about player performances and get some great odds for a bet you love.

Bets on Fox Bet


Utilizing Live-Game Betting

Fox Bet offers thousands of prop-bets on almost every sport. Oftentimes, these prop-bets can have loads of value. While it can be tedious, sifting through these prop-bets and finding something that you are confident in is one way to earn big-time cash.

If you are a fantasy player, you can often find bets on stats for individual players; here, you can take advantage of the fact that you are knowledgeable about player performances and get some great odds for a bet you love.

washington football team

Fox Bet Virginia Future Bet

Washington to Win NFC +3000

Currently, the Washington Football Team sits with the 4th worst odds to win the NFC title. I think this is a massive mistake and under-valuation of the team. Washington probably played the Buccaneers the best out of any playoff team.

Washington simply needs to add a quarterback, beef up the offensive line, and add another weapon on offense for this team to be Super Bowl contenders. The defense is already superb, and there are great pieces in place with Logan Thomas, Terry McLaurin, and Antonio Gibson on offense.

If Washington lands a stud QB in the draft or trades for one, this team could easily take the NFC, without question.

Virginia Legislation

Virginia Sports Betting really got started in the State House during 2020, both House Bill 896 and House Bill 4 played a vital role in defining sports betting, including regulation. The latter is what granted so much power to the Virginia Lottery.

Fox Bet Virginia FAQ

Is Fox Bet legal in Virginia?

Not yet, many experts expect Fox Bet to launch very, very soon in the state. However, the information that is available to the public regarding Virginia licensing is just about zero. Sports betting, in general, is legal in the state and is live now.

Can I bet on the University of Virginia with Fox Bet Virginia?

No, Virginia sports betting does not allow for bets on collegiate programs that are in-state. This means that you cannot place a bet with any Virginia sportsbook, including Fox Bet, on any University of Virginia game. Other collegiate bets are available, though.

Does Fox Bet Virginia have parlays?

Yes, there are legal parlays, teasers, and round-robins in Virginia, and Fox Bet offers them all on its sportsbook. You have the ability to create your own and customize parlays in your bet slip with ease. You also are offered pre-made one-game parlays with Fox Bet Sportsbook.

Is there a deposit bonus for Fox Bet Virginia?

No, currently, Fox Bet does not offer a deposit bonus. However, as a first time user, you do get access to a $500 bet bonus from Fox Bet when you join. You can utilize this first bet bonus on any bet that has longer odds than -200.

How can I contact support on Fox Bet Virginia?

There is a support section where you can choose live chat or email with Fox Bet to talk to a live agent for help. Fox Bet also has FAQs where you can answer most of your generic sportsbook questions yourself.

Where is the Fox Bet Virginia Android app?

The Fox Bet Android app download link can be found on Fox Bet’s website. You can download the app there and then use it on your phone with no problem. Sportsbooks are against the Google Play Store policy, and that is why you will not find them there.

Can I bet on Fox Bet as a visitor to Virginia?

Yes! There is no law or regulation that forbids non-residents from using a sportsbook when physically in Virginia. You will simply need to connect to a wifi connection in the state to play. However, as soon as you leave state borders, you will no longer be able to bet.

What is the legal betting age for Fox Bet Virginia?

21 years of age is the legal betting age for Virginia and Fox Bet. This means that you cannot legally place a wager if you are not 21 years old. You also cannot create an account with Fox Bet if you are not of legal betting age.

Does Fox Bet have a daily fantasy app?

No, currently, Fox Bet does not offer any kind of daily fantasy sports. However, you can use the Fox Super 6 app in most states to enter a competition/sweepstakes style guessing game! Fox Super 6 is not sports betting but instead a fun jackpot game.

Does Fox Bet Virginia have an online casino?

No, currently, Virginia does not have online casinos available in the state. While Fox Bet casino is operating in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and New Jersey, you cannot play with it in Virginia. If the law changes, there is no doubt Fox Bet would offer its casino in the state.

Fox Bet Virginia Sportsbook App

Name: Fox Bet Sportsbook App

Description: Fox Bet Sportsbook is the betting application offered by Fox Entertainment. The other company that has a major stake in the company is Flutter Entertainment. Together, the two have created a reliable online sportsbook that has a ton of name recognition.

Operating System: iOS, Android

Application Category: Game

Author: Matthew Amato

  • Display
  • Support
  • Promotions
  • Odds Pricing


Fox Bet Sportsbook is a great mobile app and piece of tech. The organization and user-interface are great, which makes using the app a joy. Then, the sports betting part of the app is well done as well; there are hundreds of wagers to place every day and tons of sports.

Well Done

  • Great ongoing promotions
  • Many sports and wagers to choose from
  • A solid bet slip
  • In-game betting is available

Needs Help

  • Odds pricing can be expensive
  • No customer service via phone
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