FanDuel Sportsbook Promo Code: $150 Bonus (Top May 2024 Offers)

Top May Bonus Offer
Bet $5, Get $150 (if your bet wins)

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Massachusetts & Ohio: Bet $5, Get $300 (if your bet wins)

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North Carolina: Bet $5, Get $200 (win or lose)

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The FanDuel promo code offer is currently $150 in bonus bets with a successful first wager of $5 or more on any money line. This FanDuel welcome bonus can be claimed with any FanDuel promo code link on the page and is valid for the NBA, NHL, college basketball and MLB seasons.

Click through our link to sign up for FanDuel Sportsbook and take advantage of the FanDuel Sportsbook Promo Code. Once you click through, you’ll be able to register on the FanDuel website and take full advantage of the new user bonus.

The following links are guaranteed to get you the best possible bonus when you join the FanDuel Sportsbook. The company is completely legal in the United States, with a fully secure website and trustworthy with deposits. FanDuel Sportsbook passes the 3-Point Check.

Claim $150 Bonus

Sports bettors can legally use the FanDuel sportsbook app and website in Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

FanDuel Promo Code – May 2024

New users can start with $150 in bonus bets thanks to the current FanDuel Promo Code. Users must be of legal betting age to take advantage of this promotion. Additionally, they must confirm that they’re in a state with legal sports wagering.

First, bettors must click links or banners featured throughout this page, and the FanDuel Promo Code will be activated. After that, they need to place a $5 moneyline wager. If the bet wins, the user will get $150 in bonus bets added to their account. These bonus bets can be used on any available FanDuel Sportsbook market. This is the best promo code available to new users.

FanDuel Promo Code Terms & Conditions

This offer is available to new FanDuel Sportsbook users only in all states where FanDuel Sportsbook is legal online.

There is no odds restriction on this offer. If the moneyline wager wins, that user will receive $150 in Bonus Bets within 72 hours of the bet placement. This offer is available only on the FanDuel Sportsbook app and requires a $10 deposit upon sign-up.


While some state laws only require bettors to be 18 years old to place sports wagers, FanDuel requires all its users to be at least 21 to participate.
Those 21 years of age or older can bet with FanDuel Sportsbook in the following states: Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

Residency in one of these states is not required, but a user must be physically located in the legal state to place the wager.

FanDuel North Carolina Offer

New NC bettors can claim a $200 Bonus with this FanDuel North Carolina Sportsbook offer.

Register for FanDuel Sportsbook, place a $5 wager and get $200 in Bonus Bets. You get the $200 in bonus bets whether your first bet wins or loses.

The latest information for the sportsbook launch can be found on the FanDuel North Carolina page.

How To Claim FanDuel Promo Code

With the FanDuel Promo Code, brand new users can bet $5 and start out with $150 in bonus bets. Instead of entering a promo code like with other sports betting apps, FanDuel Sportsbook users can click through any of the banners and links featured throughout this page. This will activate the FanDuel Promo Code automatically, so there’s no need to enter a code.

Then, after signing up and depositing, just place an initial $5 moneyline wager on any sports betting market. If the bet wins, the new user will get $150 in bonus bets added to their account.

This promotion comes at a great time, with plenty of bets available on the NBA, NHL and MLB.

How To Sign Up For FanDuel

Joining the FanDuel Sportsbook community is a quick and simple process. It ensures that the user’s data is secure and that deposits and withdrawals are easy to complete.


Click and Register

Click any of our images or links on to be sent to the registration form. No code is needed to redeem the new user offer once you click our links.
FanDuel Maryland Promo Code Banner


Add Your Personal Information

Complete the registration form. Here, users select the state that they are located in. Users must ensure they select the correct legal state they are located in, as FanDuel uses geolocation technology to verify it in this step. Then, create a username and password, and input information such as name, address, birthdate, last four digits of user’s SSN, email, etc. These are all industry-standard requirements.


Agree to Terms and Conditions

Next, users need to agree to the terms and conditions and confirm all information is accurate and that the user is 21 years of age. Then click “verify identity,” and FanDuel will use its industry-standard encryption technology to ensure information is secure and the user’s bank account is safe.

FanDuel Sportsbook Terms & Conditions


Deposit Funds

Once FanDuel has verified the identity, users can deposit funds into their account. There are several ways to do this: debit card, online banking, PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay and credit card. To redeem the new-user offer above, a new user must deposit a minimum of $10 in their account.

FanDuel Deposit Options


Place Your Bets

Now that funds have been issued to the account, the user is ready to place wagers. Navigate the home page and sort by odds, promotions, sport, or league, pick your bet, and add it to your bet slip.
FanDuel Home Page For Bets

Other FanDuel Offers & Bonuses

FanDuel provides a variety of products for users to consider. From Daily Fantasy Sports, to Casino, to Racebook, the offers are varied and regularly updated.

FanDuel DFS Promo Code

FanDuel also has an extensive Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) platform. New users of FanDuel DFS can register with this FanDuel DFS Promo Code and receive a deposit match bonus of up to $100. There is no promo code required; just click through the link.

FanDuel DFS is available everywhere in the U.S. except for the following states: Washington, Idaho, Montana, Nevada and Connecticut.

FanDuel Casino Promo Code

FanDuel Casino is another platform available in parts of the U.S. Currently, FanDuel Casino is legal in New Jersey, Michigan, West Virginia, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. New FanDuel Casino customers can deposit $10, get $20 bonus + get up to $1,000 back if they are down money after the first 24 hours by using this FanDuel Casino Promo Code. There is no promo code required; just click through the link.

FanDuel Racebook Promo Code

With the FanDuel Racebook, users can wager on some of the most popular tracks across the U.S., from Yonkers Raceway to Churchill Downs. New users of FanDuel Racebook can unlock a No-Sweat First Win Bet by clicking this FanDuel Racebook Promo Code link. Any loss on your first single-horse win bet will be fully refunded, up to the maximum. Only first wagers are eligible.

Note: In most states, FanDuel Racebook, FanDuel Sportsbook, FanDuel Casino and FanDuel DFS have a shared wallet, meaning users can transfer funds between the platforms. This shared wallet isn’t available in Tennessee, Iowa, Arizona or Kansas.

Existing User Offers

In terms of signup bonuses, FanDuel offers one of the best out there with the FanDuel Promo Code. But there are some excellent bonuses to check out after signing up. For example, the online betting site offers plenty of No Sweat Same Game Parlays on different types of bets. There are also same-game parlay profit boosts, which FanDuel Sportsbook currently offers for NHL games.

Check out some of the other available promos from FanDuel Sportsbook:

Profit boosts
Parlay insurance
Player-prop insurance
NFL/NBA/CFB insurance
Big win bonus
Home team bonus

FanDuel Rewards Program

FanDuel’s version of a rewards program is unique in that it’s called the Players Club, and users determine their status based on FanDuel Points (FDPs).

Every new account on the Sportsbook is automatically enrolled in the Players Club. You will earn FDPs for every contest in which you participate. For every dollar you play in a contest, you earn five FDPs. Your points accumulate over a month. The number of FDPs you earn in the previous month will determine your Players Club membership status. Your points have a one-year expiration timer, but that timer reactivates as soon as you make a bet using any portion of your Points balance.

While the Players Club is yet to be an actual rewards program, expect rewards soon. These may include rewards for signing new members or rewards attached to particular contests.

FanDuel Referral Program

FanDuel offers a reward for users who refer other people to the app. This is called the Refer-A-Friend program or the “Give $50, Get $50” promotion.

Existing users and those they refer to sign up for a new FanDuel Account using a referral link will each receive $50 in Bonus Bets. To be eligible, the new user must deposit at least $10, then place and settle a wager of at least $10 with FanDuel Sportsbook.

FanDuel PlatformStates Offered
Fanduel SportsbookAZ, CO, CT, IA, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD, MI, NJ, NY, OH, PA, TN, VA, WV, WY and NC
FanDuel CasinoMI, PA, NJ, WV, and CT
FanDuel DFSAll states except WA, ID, HI, MT, NV, and CT

How To Bet On FanDuel Sportsbook

While FanDuel makes it easy for new users to learn how to use the app, there are a few things to note before placing a wager.

Navigating The Home Page

Once a new user is brought into the app, FanDuel makes it easy to explore all options. Users can scour odds by sport or league, check out the live odds and see what the popular games to bet on are right now.

Once a wager is picked, a betting slip will automatically appear. There is a quick tab to add more bets or return to the previous page to make changes. You can estimate your winnings by inputting a wager amount. The system will immediately display your potential cash winnings based on the odds.

Types of Bets

Bet Types
Point Spread – This is probably the most known type of sports bet. Oddsmakers will establish what they believe the margin of victory will be. That’s the point spread. If the bet lands on the exact number offered by the sportsbook, it’s called a push. With a push, the sportsbook usually refunds your bet. When there is a ½-point in the point spread, this means there cannot be a push.

Betting the point spread is more than just picking the winner or loser. If, for instance, a user takes a team at +7 (seven-point underdog) and that team only loses by three points, that bet would win. Conversely, using the same seven-point spread, everyone who took the favorite (-7) would have a losing ticket.

Moneyline– Betting the moneyline is simply picking the winner or loser of the game. However, odds make a big difference. As an example, a favorite could have moneyline odds of -120.

This means a bettor would need to put up $120 to win back $100. The opposite holds for the underdog. If the underdog is listed at +120, a user would return $120 on a bet of $100.

Parlays – If you want to get creative and up your potential payoff, you can make what are called parlay bets. These where you tie two or more wagers to the same bet, attempting to enhance the reward. You can bet on the point spread or moneylines from multiple games and incorporate them into a parlay ticket.

If all the bets chosen on the parlay hit, the user wins at a higher potential payout than with single wagers. If one leg fails to hit, the entire parlay loses.

Teasers – Bettors can invest to alter the point spread up or down, making the wager easier to win. This is called a teaser. The tradeoff is a lower payoff from the sportsbook.

Propositions – These are called prop bets for short. Prop bets are wagers on events happening within each game. For example, during the Super Bowl, sportsbooks will offer odds like how long the National Anthem will be or which team will win the coin toss.

There are prop bets on all kinds of individual player statistics as well. For example, users may see prop bets on whether or not a specific wide receiver will have more than a certain amount of receiving yards in a game. The more important the game, the wider the array of prop bets.

Live In-Play Bets – As the scoreboard and circumstances change, in-game odds do too. There is an engaging thrill from betting on various odds as the game unfolds. These live-in-play bets are both exciting and an excellent way for astute bettors to put their game knowledge to good use.

Futures – Futures bets are wagers on a multi-faceted event or season performance for a team or player. Most Valuable Player awards, division titles and overall league championships are examples of types of futures bets.

How Odds Work

In sports betting, any number with a – in front of it will indicate the favorite in that matchup. Any team with a + in front of it will indicate the underdog in that matchup. Other times, it will be listed as a pick ‘em game, which means the teams are so evenly matched that there is no favorite.

Betting on underdogs (+ teams) will provide a larger payout than favorites (- teams). The number after the + or – indicates how much of a favorite or underdog that team is. For moneyline bets, the higher the number correlated with the favorite, the lower the payout will be. This is because there is a high likelihood that they will win, and therefore, a user’s money is considered more secure. However, if a user decides to bet on the underdog, the payout would be higher as the number increases because it is seen as more of a risk.

FanDuel Banking

There are a variety of ways to deposit and withdraw funds on FanDuel in a safe, secure fashion through your log-in credentials. Some states have restrictions on credit cards and/or other payment methods. Debit cards, online banking, PayPal, Venmo and Apple Pay are among the most popular choices for users. Some guidelines on transaction speed are below.

How To Withdraw Money

Before using any withdrawal methods, provide the following information: a valid mailing address, birth date and SSN. FanDuel’s main withdrawal methods and their corresponding payout times are:
Online Banking: 3-5 business days
PayPal/Venmo: up to 24 hours
Debit card: up to 24 hours.
FanDuel Prepaid Play+: up to 24 hours
Check: 7-10 business days

Note that it’s always easiest to withdraw money the same way it was deposited.

FanDuel Sportsbook Review

FanDuel Sportsbook is the leading sportsbook in the U.S. Between competitive odds, an extensive lineup of wagers and big promotions, it’s the most popular sportsbook in the country right now. Below, the Lineups staff gives a full review of the app, its features, pros and cons.

Top Features at FanDuel

User-friendliness: FanDuel’s online sportsbook is very user-friendly. The site makes it easy for users to explore, even if they’ve never placed a sports bet. Odds, promotions, account details, customer support and the bet slip are all available from the home page.

Player-prop options: FanDuel offers a huge range of bets to place, which can all be sorted by sport, league or bet type. One of the most popular bets to place with FanDuel is a player-prop bet, as the site has many options on all the major players in all the major sports leagues.

Same-game parlay options: While this feature is available at many top sportsbooks now, FanDuel was among the first and has SGP options for almost every sport. From game-specific SGPs to SGP profit boosts, FanDuel is doing it right.

FanDuel Sportsbook Mobile App

The crowning achievement of FanDuel is the mobile app. It is available for Android, Google and iPhone users in the respective app stores.
The app allows users to place, change and follow bets from any mobile device, but it can also track their winnings and scan game lines, bet prices, money lines, and game totals. Also on the main screen is a section for live games and “other links.” The other links tab will populate a betting guide, terms and conditions, and gambling resource links.

On the app, there is a bottom pop-out menu so users can instantly land back on the homepage, wherever they are in the app. The app uses a clean white background, which makes individual links and statistics easier to read. The app designers also made sure that the screen wasn’t cluttered. By efficiently using the space, users can focus on the information that matters most.

Once the user picks a wager, a betting slip will automatically appear. There is a tab to add bets to the bet slip or place the wager right then. Users can estimate winnings by inputting a wager amount. The system will immediately display your potential cash winnings based on the odds.

Remember that the app is necessary for new users looking to redeem the “Bet $5, get $150” offer with the FanDuel Sportsbook Promo Code.

Pros & Cons of FanDuel Sportsbook

Most everything FanDuel has to offer is top-of-the-line in terms of industry standards. Some of the biggest pros that the sportsbook offers are its big new user bonus that only requires a $5 bet, its rotation of existing user promotions, and the easy sign-up process.

There are few cons, but one is the need for a rewards program. While it does offer FanDuel Points through the Players Club, there are yet to be rewards redeemable, which other sportsbooks have an advantage on.

How Our Writers Rate FanDuel Sportsbook

This past year I was looking to explore different sportsbooks. I decided to give FanDuel a try. I wanted to try something new. Like everyone else, I heard a lot about FanDuel fantasy sports products. FanDuel is still in the DFS industry, but with sports betting becoming legal in the U.S., it has expanded to become a sportsbook.

My overall thoughts in a nutshell? I came away, well, quite impressed. It had what I was looking for. Now, if you’re looking to play poker, sorry, they don’t have that. But they do have sports betting.

As someone who loves to bet on football and some of the bigger sports, they offer many different bets for each game. I’m always looking for prop bets, and they have tons. Over the years, they’ve added more prop bets for football and made it convenient and easy to place bets. They also have live betting on games.

I love betting on live tennis. At other sportsbooks, I used to play individual games, betting on players who are riding momentum. This app goes a step further. They give you the option of betting individual points! Not only that, they give you a wide variety of tours to bet on, meaning there are a lot of different matches on the plate to choose from.

Now, it doesn’t offer some really small sports that other sportsbooks have. It is currently limited to 13 sports, where some books have more than 20 or 30. So if you’re into minor league jai alai, well, I hate to disappoint you but they don’t have it.
The app does have a bet-back feature as well. You can hedge your bet during a contest or settle your bets early without waiting for the event to finish.

I also really like the odds boost option. Each day, a few select bets have boosts to them. This means certain bets are given to you at a discounted price.

You can pay with a credit card, an online bank transfer, a check, a prepaid card, or PayPal. I use PayPal all the time, so when I want to deposit and withdraw, it can go right into that account.

What would I like to see in the future? I would look for them to expand upon their sports a bit. I’m not saying to bring minor league jai alai, but maybe a few of the more minor international sports to draw in more consumers. More casino and poker games would be a good addition.

I know everyone has their opinion, but as someone who bets daily and with a lot of different books, I like it. I was very impressed and highly recommend you give it a shot in 2023.

Sportsbook Comparison

SportsbookBonusPromo CodePayout Speed (debit card)Live Betting (Y/N)Our Rating
DraftKings SportsbookUp to $2,550 in bonuses
None needed24 hoursY4.94
FanDuel SportsbookBet $5, Get $150None needed1-2 daysY4.8
BetMGM SportsbookUp to $1,500 first bet refundLINEUPSGET1-3 business daysY4.94
Caesars Sportsbook$1,000 First Bet on CaesarsLINEUPS100060 minutesY4.9
ESPN BET$1,500 in promosNone needed1-5 business daysYTBD
FanaticsUp to $1,000 in bonus betsNone needed2-3 business daysYTBD

FanDuel Fact Sheet

Customer Support: FAQ section, live chat on the app, or call (877) 689-0662, 24/7
Bet Types: money line, spread, over/under, prop bets, parlays, same-game parlays, live bets, teasers, futures, etc.
Sports Offered: NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAAF, NCAAB, WNBA, MLS, international soccer leagues, MMA, PGA, NASCAR, F1, etc.
Payment Methods: debit/credit card, online banking, PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, check, FanDuel Prepaid Play+ card, etc.
Withdrawal Speeds: withdrawal speeds vary from withdrawal method to withdrawal method, but for the fastest withdrawal speed, use a debit card or PayPal.
Future States: North Carolina & Vermont 2024

FanDuel Sportsbook FAQ

Questions & Answers

Since the rise of DFS, we have seen the gambling landscape shift dramatically in the U.S. Sports betting sites are taking the country by storm, and legislators and operators are working to establish a foundation in the industry. We’ve received several questions from readers and are now answering them below.

How do I use the FanDuel Promo Code?

Taking full advantage of the FanDuel Promo Code is simple. You simply claim the $150 FanDuel sign-up offer here, as no FanDuel Sportsbook Promo Code is needed. Then, you must deposit $10+ and place your first bet for $5+. If that bet wins you get $150 in extra bonus bets.

In What States Can I Legally Bet at FanDuel Sportsbook?

You can legally bet on the mobile app and website in Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

Do I need to make a deposit to get my $150 New User Bonus?

Yes, you need to make a minimum deposit of $10. The first bet that you place up needs to be $5 and $150 in bonus bets will be credited in your account if your bet wins.

What if I lose my initial bet?

If you lose your qualifying bet you will not get the $150 FanDuel sign-up offer bonus.

Which is better, FanDuel or DraftKings?

When it comes to sports betting, it all comes down to where you can find the most favorable odds. Both sites have strong offerings in the realm of games and ongoing promotions. The Sportsbook interface is strong on both sites.

Is FanDuel Safe?

The website is safe to use. uses SSL technology that protects information and allows for secure information to be passed on the internet. FanDuel is owned by a multi-billion dollar company, Flutter Entertainment, and isn’t going away anytime soon.

I’m Already Registered on, can I still Use a Promo Code?

Yes, you can still take advantage of the site credit offer if you haven’t already placed a bet and utilized the promotion. You can reach out to customer service to confirm your player status at any time. You can also take advantage of any of the ongoing promotions.

Is there an Expiration Date on this offer?

Currently, the expiration date is 5/31/24, but this will be extended in all likelihood. From the time the FanDuel Sportsbook launched in New Jersey, there has been a new user bet.

Is the Lineups $150 Bonus offer the Highest?

Yes, it is. The Lineups bonus offer of $150 is the highest new user bonus available online. There are additional offers for existing users on the website each week. Offers range from Odds Boosts to Insurance to Parlay incentives.

If I win the bonus bet, can I withdraw the winnings immediately?

No, the bonus bet will come through as a Promotion Bonus credit in your account. You must then bet the Promotion Bonus amount again in full before withdrawing. This is a common sportsbook practice and called a play-through requirement. Once you satisfy the play-through requirement, you are free to withdraw.

What is a Promotion Bonus?

This is the money deposited into your account won from a promotion with play-through requirements attached to it. This is often called a Pending Bonus. It’s essentially money you can’t withdraw until you satisfy the site play-through requirements. In this case, it’s wagering an amount equal to your Promotion Bonus.

What are Daily Odds Boosts?

Keep an eye out for the Daily Odds Boost promotion. What will happen is that the app will bump the odds on a given outcome for any particular event, making the wager more enticing. This means that you are getting more value for money with your wager.

Tips to Best Use the FanDuel Promo Code

Using the FanDuel Promo Code is quite unique in comparison to other sports betting apps. In order to take full advantage of the FanDuel Promo Code, you simply need to click through this link to activate the FanDuel Sportsbook Promo Code. This is different from other online betting sites where you put in a specific code when you sign up.

How to Win on FanDuel Sportsbook

Once you sign up, utilize the deep resources at to give yourself the best chance at growing your bankroll. Check out the in-depth guides and articles available on the site. Our experts break down the most important statistics and factors to help you handicap your sport of choice and its respective games on any given day.

Step by Step Guide to Signing Up

1. Click any of our images or links on You will be sent to the registration form.
2. Complete the registration form. No code is needed once you click through our links.
3. If further verification is needed, such as a utility bill, you will be prompted.
4. Deposit Funds via several options. See below for full details.

Responsible Gambling With the FanDuel Promo Code

FanDuel takes the issue of responsible gambling very seriously and ensures that all its users have access to the correct information and resources to play safely and responsibly.

There are all sorts of limits a user can set on their account, from time limits, wager limits and deposit limits; this helps to ensure that users are not spending more than what is within their means.

FanDuel also offers a self-exclusion tool. When a user opts into self-exclusion, all upcoming bets will be canceled, and they will not be able to access their FanDuel account for at least one year. They will also be unsubscribed from FanDuel mailing lists within 24 hours.

On top of that, there is a 24/7 live chat available on FanDuel to talk about available resources. The National Gambling Hotline can also be reached at 1-800-662-4357.

Expert Rating of FanDuel Promo Code

The FanDuel Promo Code provides a generous welcome bonus that presents new users with a leg up as they try to begin their sports betting experience in a positive fashion. The promo code available on also establishes the bettor in the best position to maximize their payout on their first wager.

FanDuel Promo Code Compared to Other Operators

Sportsbook New-User Promo ValueNew-User Promo CodeNew-User Promo Details
DraftKings Sportsbook Promo Code$2,550No Code Click Link$2,550 = $1,500 No Sweat Bet + 20% Deposit Match Up to $1,000 (25x playthrough) + $50 Bonus Bet with $5 Deposit + No Sweat NBA SGP Every Day of Playoffs
BetMGM Sportsbook Bonus Code$1,500LINEUPSUp to $1,500 in Bonus Bets Paid Back If Your First Bet Does Not Win
Caesars Sportsbook Promo Code$1,000LINEUPS1000$1,000 First Bet On Caesars
BetRivers Sportsbook Bonus Code$500LINEUPS2nd Chance Bet up-to $500
FanDuel Sportsbook Promo Code$150No Code - Click Through Link to UnlockBet $5, Get $150 In Bonus Bets (If Your Bet Wins)
Bet365 Sportsbook Bonus CodeUp to $1,000LINEUPSBET$1,000 First Bet Safety Net or Bet $5, Get $150
Betway Sportsbook Bonus Code$250No Code Click LinkFirst Bet Reset Up to $250 in Bonus Bets If Your First Bet Loses
FanDuel Sportsbook App
FanDuel Sportsbook App Logo

Name: FanDuel Sportsbook App

Description: FanDuel Sportsbook is one of the top sports betting apps out there, and for good reason. The platform offers new users an excellent welcome bonus when they sign up with the FanDuel Sportsbook Promo Code. Plus, there are plenty of other available promotions, such as profit boosts and bonus bet wagers. The mobile sportsbook also features a well-designed mobile app and desktop site that make it easy to find a sporting event and place a wager.

Operating System: IOS, Android

Application Category: Game

Author: Sam Shefrin

  • $150 New User Bonus
  • Parlay Insurance
  • Sportsbook App
  • Betting Education
  • Creating New Account

FanDuel Sportsbook Mobile App Editor's Review

We’re always positive on a sportsbook offering money on sign up. FanDuel doesn’t disappoint with a solid new user bonus. We really like the other promotions like CFB Parlay Insurance & NBA Parlay Insurance. We hope to see these promotions carried out as new states come online. We’d also like to see some additional user interaction. Giving users missions to complete on the site, treasure hunt type activities can increase engagement and loyalty. Loyalty and reward programs are beneficial for both parties. Overall, on the technology side, FanDuel nailed it. The user interface and design are in a league of its own.

Well Done

Bonus money amount
Instant match
Innovative Promotions
Sign up process

Needs Help

User interaction (missions, treasure hunts, etc)
Loyalty program

Jason Guilbault is the Brand Content Manager for, powered by Catena Media. He has worked 10+ in the sports betting & iGaming space as a writer and content manager. Jason has also written for DailyFantasyCafe, NBAMockDraft, & FantasyPros. He aims to bring the best sports data & insight to the industry for both novice & advanced users.