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Top 5 Cowboys News Stories of 2020

What Does This Passing Game Do Without Dez and Witten? - The departure of Jason Witten and Dez Bryant leaves some question marks within the passing game. Not only for the fill-in options, but also for Dak Prescott. While Bryant’s production as starting to drop, and Witten’s age was catching up to him, these are still two quality receivers out of the picture. The Cowboys bringing in Allen Hurns, and drafting Michael Gallup will be the main options. There is a lot of questions about Prescott’s upside, and Dallas’ play-calling might have more to do with that in comparison to his weapons. It is a tough schedule for Prescott, so a struggling passing game might occur.

How Much Workload Is Too Much For Ezekiel Elliot? - Ezekiel Elliot missed a quarter of the season last year, but still racked up a heavy workload. This rookie year gave him a heavy workload, and things are expected to take an even heavier turn. With a subpar defense, this play-calling might change on a weekly basis, but Dallas is looking to make Elliot their lead dog in the entire offense. We have often seen running backs get a second half stamina problem because of a heavier workload, and they are also more prone to injuries. Dallas should be careful with their franchise running back, given they used a top pick on him a few years ago.

Is The Cowboys Offensive Line Still Elite? - It has been a while since we walked about the offensive line for Dallas. Widely this has been viewed as a top offensive line over the past few seasons, and revisiting is something to consider. The Cowboys have Zack Martin and Tyron Smith, which is going to shoot them up into the top ten already. They also drafted Connor Williams, adding just another strong piece to the line. Not only do they have a strong front five, they are interchangeable, and have depth to go along with it. While you can argue there are some stiff competitors, Dallas is likely coming in number one.

Did the Cowboys Do Enough To Be Competitive Within The Division? - The Philadelphia Eagles are far and above the best team in the division, but where do the Cowboys finish within the rest of them? Washington is going to be the team that is more on their level, while the Giants have their skill position players than can cause trouble for any team. Washington also has a strong offensive line, and a defense that is going to be up in the air. Dallas has a tough schedule this season, and they are likely going to be competing to stay out of basement of the NFC East. They have some winnable games, but a seven win season is projected.

Where Will This Defense Finish? - Many are looking at this Dallas defense, and circling them on their schedule. They are a bottom ten defense, and will be going up against good offenses within their division. They also face the NFC South, which faces three above average offenses. Unless Dallas is able to control the clock and use Ezekiel Elliot to mask this defense, they are going to struggle. While they weren’t bad last year, they are expected to take a major jump backwards with losing players and not addressing specific holes. While they may have their moments against lesser teams, the average to above average teams will have their way.