NFL Team Stats 2019

The stats page gives a team view of who is leading the league in stats like yards, points, and touchdowns. You can further view it broken down by passing and rushing. See which teams rack up passing or rushing attempts, and are capitalizing in the end zone. Find out the teams generating the most turnovers or what teams are holding teams from scoring. Even dive into the special teams to see which teams are making the most field goals or averaging the most return yards on kick returns and punts. Click the see all tab to dive into all 32 teams and how they rank.

The offensive leaders is broken down into yards, points, and touchdowns. Right now you have a lot of teams putting up monster numbers. Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints are back posting huge numbers on the offensive side, but Kansas City and Los Angeles are right next to them. Clicking into each category, you can find who is also on the opposite end of the spectrum. We are looking at you Buffalo and Arizona. The offensive leaders is updated each week, and you can keep tabs on who is rising and falling on the offensive side of the ball.

Defensively we have seen some new teams jump the rankings a bit. Chicago landing Khalil Mack has been a massive upgrade to the defensive side so far, and it already shows. Chicago is among the top five in all three categories listed here. You have the usual suspects like Jacksonville, Carolina, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, who have all been strong defensive units over the last few seasons. The one category that doesn’t quite matchup is teams like Cleveland, Miami, and the New York Jets all rounding out in the top ten for turnovers forced.

Breaking down the passing and rushing leaders for offenses, teams are going to work in different ways. Going back to the Rams, this offense is showing it can beat you both ways. They rank inside the top ten in passing touchdowns and yards. They also are in the same categories for rushing. Teams at are more focused on the run like Cleveland, Denver, and San Francisco may not be at the top of their division, but they continue to stick with what is working. Pat Mahomes and the Chiefs are showing off their aerial assault, and find themselves in the top ten for passing touchdowns. If you are looking for just simply rushing and passing volume, teams like Indianapolis and Cleveland are leading the way. Andrew Luck is back from a year off and is throwing the ball a ton.

If you are diving into special team stats, you can find field goals made here. This can showcase either high flying offenses, or teams that are struggling to score in the red zone but are moving the ball quite a bit. Kick return average and punt return average can show you which teams are getting an edge in the field possession game.