NBA Power Rankings (Updated: 3/21/19)

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Golden State Warriors
1. Golden State Warriors

2018-2019 Record: 49-22 Previous Rank: 2

The Warriors own the first spot in this week’s power rankings and despite DeMarcus Cousins minor injury I believe they are still the team to beat. The addition of Andrew Bogut will surely give them a solid option on the defensive end at center.

Milwaukee Bucks2. Milwaukee Bucks

2018-2019 Record: 53-19 Previous Rank: 1

The Bucks are still a very good team but the injuries to Malcom Brogdon and Nikola Mirotic will hurt them a lot down the stretch. They relied on Brogdon a lot because of his do it all ability and Mirotic will hurt their shooting from behind the arc. In the long run they should be ok but as of now there is cause for concern.

Toronto Raptors
3. Toronto Raptors

2018-2019 Record: 51-21 Previous Rank: 4

The Raptors have been up and down but Kawhi Leonard continues to miss lots of games as they are resting him for the playoffs. Kyle Lowry is banged up but as we come down the stretch this should be one of the best teams in the East.


Houston Rockets
4. Houston Rockets

2018-2019 Record: 45-27 Previous Rank: 6

Harden is still doing amazing things and the addition of Danuel House, who was with the team earlier this year, has really boosted their play. Chris Paul is also starting to show signs of life and this team could be a team that gets clicking at the right time.

Denver Nuggets

5. Denver Nuggets

2018-2019 Record 48-22 Previous Rank: 3

The Nuggets have played really well at home but they are still an unknown on the road. They offer very balanced scoring on offense which is a good sign but they still need that X-factor that they can go down when they game needs to be put away.

Philadelphia 76ers

6. Philadelphia 76ers

2018-2019 Record 47-25 Previous Rank: 7

The Sixers are hitting on all cylinders and if Joel Embiid can stay healthy this could be the best team in the Eastern conference. They have yet to lose since he returned and picked up a huge win vs the Celtics recently.

Boston Celtics

7. Boston Celtics

2018-2019 Record 43-29 Previous Rank: 13

The Celtics are playing much better since earlier this season but they are still fighting an uphill battle vs a lot of the more higher powered teams in their conference. They will need some of their role player guys, Jaylen Brown & Marcus Smart, to step up big as we close the season and into the playoffs.

Portland Trail Blazers

8. Portland Trail Blazers

2018-2019 Record 44-27 Previous Rank: 5

The Blazers lost CJ McCollum for a week or so but they are still a lot of peoples sleeper teams in the Western Conference. Rodney Hood has started to play better off the bench and the emergence of Jusuf Nurkic has really given this team the edge they have needed the last couple of years.

San Antonio Spurs

9. San Antonio Spurs

2018-2019 Record 42-30 Previous Rank: 12

The Spurs could arguably be the hottest team in the NBA right now. Derrick White has emerged as a very solid point guard and the all-around game of DeMar DeRozan is going to give this team a chance in the playoffs.

Los Angeles Clippers

10. LA Clippers

2018-2019 Record 42-30 Previous Rank: 11

Somehow the Clippers keep winning despite trading their best player at the deadline. Lou Williams looks like he can win another 6thman of the year and rookie Shai Gilgeous-Alexander has stepped up his scoring as of late. This team is not one you can look over once we get to crunch time.

Oklahoma City Thunder

11. Oklahoma City Thunder

2018-2019 Record 42-30 Previous Rank: 9

The Thunder have really struggled since the all-star break and Paul George is shooting up 40% since the all-star break. The way they are losing are putting them in a place where they may have a really tough matchup in the first round. OKC still has all the talent in the world but it won’t be good if they limp like this into the playoffs.

Utah Jazz

12. Utah Jazz

2018-2019 Record 42-30 Previous Rank: 8

Utah has been playing some great basketball and down the stretch they don’t have the hardest schedule down the stretch. Derrick Favors has been playing well and Donovan Mitchell has really been playing well and has been on the ball more often. With their defense they will always be a threat.

Indiana Pacers

13. Indiana Pacers

2018-2019 Record 44-29 Previous Rank: 10

Indiana has been able to survive without Victor Oladipo but overall they have struggled at times at the offensive end and that limits this team significantly. In my opinion this team is a lot like the Jazz with their defense but they have considerably less offensive threats than them.

Detroit Pistons

14. Detroit Pistons

2018-2019 Record 37-34 Previous Rank: 15

The Pistons have struggled with consistency but they are above .500 and look like they will have one of those last spots in the playoffs. Either way if they can get a third option to contribute behind Drummond and Griffin this team could force a couple more games out of a top seed.

Brooklyn Nets

15. Brooklyn Nets

2018-2019 Record 37-36 Previous Rank: 14

The legend of D’Angelo Russell continues to grow after a 40+ point performance vs the Kings the other night and this is a team that needs to win games to hold onto their playoff position. With a tough schedule to close out the year they need every win they can get and that win proved they are aware of the consequences of losing.

Orlando Magic

16. Orlando Magic

2018-2019 Record 34-38 Previous Rank: 17

The Magic are fighting for the very last spot but have dropped a lot of games to some inferior competition. They lose games vs the Grizzlies and Wizards and will have the opportunity with an easy schedule coming up.

Sacramento Kings

17. Sacramento Kings

2018-2019 Record 35-36 Previous Rank: 16

The Kings had hopes of making the playoffs but the Clippers continued to win games and they just couldn’t keep pace. Marvin Bagley has come back from injury playing really well so there is hope for this team but it probably won’t be this season.

Miami Heat

18. Miami Heat

2018-2019 Record 35-36 Previous Rank: 20

Miami made a big move recently moving Whiteside to the bench and Adebayo to the starting lineup and it has really helped this team. Both are thriving in their new roles and it gives them some better offense on their bench squad.

Minnesota Timberwolves

19. Minnesota Timberwolves

2018-2019 Record 32-40 Previous Rank: 18

Minnesota announced today that Jeff Teague will be out for the year and with only 10 or so games left they aren’t really missing out on much. As we close out the season the Wolves will just be looking to see what their young guys can do around Karl-Anthony Towns.

Washington Wizards

20. Washington Wizards

2018-2019 Record 30-43 Previous Rank: 22

The Bradley Beal show continues to roll in Washington but there just isn’t much help for them to actually win games. The trade of Kelly Oubre, who is thriving in Phoenix, looks pretty bad right now but overall this Wizards team won’t be able to sustain wins without anyone besides Beal.

Los Angeles Lakers

21. Los Angeles Lakers

2018-2019 Record 31-40 Previous Rank: 19

As we close down the season we will likely see LeBron rested a lot and the Lakers play a lot of young guys so they can lose as many games as possible. They are at the point where they just need/want the highest draft pick.

Charlotte Hornets

22. Charlotte Hornets

2018-2019 Record 32-39 Previous Rank: 23

Not long ago the Hornets were fighting for a playoff spot but now they find themselves on the outside looking in. They face an uphill battle with limited games remaining but I guess there is still a chance, albeit not a good one.

New Orleans Pelicans

23. New Orleans Pelicans

2018-2019 Record 31-43 Previous Rank: 21

Elfrid Payton has been racking up triple-doubles in bunches but that hasn’t translated to victories. As we all know the Davis trade rumors among other things probably sunk this team a while back.

Dallas Mavericks

24. Dallas Mavericks

2018-2019 Record 28-44 Previous Rank: 25

The Mavericks have been losing games in bunches with Luka in and out of the lineup but that has allowed rookie Jalen Brunson to step up. He has been doing It all averaging over 16 PPG in the past month with a good amount of assists so that is something to watch for as the season goes on.

Atlanta Hawks

25. Atlanta Hawks

2018-2019 Record 25-48 Previous Rank: 26

Hawks duo John Collins and Trae Young have been carrying this team but it didn’t turn into anything this season. With two projected top 10 picks and cap space this team could be one major free agent away from competing in the eastern conference .

Memphis Grizzlies

26. Memphis Grizzlies

2018-2019 Record 29-42 Previous Rank: 27

The Grizzlies haven’t played their best basketball but their acquisition of Jonas Valanciunas has proven to be pretty good. Overall this is one of the worst teams in basketball and will probably move Mike Conley in the offseason.

27. Phoenix Suns

2018-2019 Record 17-56 Previous Rank: 29

The Suns made the news recently signing sharpshooter Jimmer Fredette to 2 year non-guaranteed deal. Looking to sell some tickets they will probably play him a lot in what could be a 3 point barrage with Booker and Jimmer on the court at the same time.

Chicago Bulls

28. Chicago Bulls

2018-2019 Record 21-52 Previous Rank: 24

Lauri Markkanen has taken a step back as of late so the Bulls team has struggled to win. They have some intriguing pieces but if he isn’t producing it’s tough for them to win games.

Cleveland Cavaliers

29. Cleveland Cavaliers

2018-2019 Record 19-53 Previous Rank: 28

Brandon Knight looks to have started a career revitalization in Cleveland as he has finally stayed healthy and is starting most games for Cleveland. This team was doomed from the beginning with the injury to Kevin Love for most of the year but the play of Collin Sexton lately should be something to like.

New York Knicks

30. New York Knicks

2018-2019 Record 14-58 Previous Rank: 30

Well, there isn’t a lot to like about the Knicks. They continue to change up their lineup to see what they want to move forward with but as of now they are pretty irrelevant until they end up with Zion, hopefully.

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