MLB Injuries

Injuries always surround baseball teams whether it is a bruise, or the next top prospect is already having Tommy John surgery. The injury reporting in MLB can be a bit overwhelming, but we have the IL times to help sort things out. The 7-day, 10-day, and 60-day IL are now the new law of the land, while before we just hand 15-day and 60-day IL stints. Often we see 7-day IL used for concussions or minor injuries like a bone bruise. Injury details are important, especially when we need to check in on rehab starts, and players recovering from significant injuries. When surgery takes place, or a player finds himself over a month out, it is not unusual for them to get some work in down in the Minors. Details will show that info for you to track their progress. You will find details on specific players, and potentially a return date for them to get back into the lineup. If you are wanting to quickly search for a player, the search bar is your best bet. If you are checking up on specific teams or positions, we allow you to pinpoint injuries that way.