International Sports

While we have our major sports here in America, there are plenty of sports going on around the world that should have your attention. Darts are especially big over in Europe as they have a Premier League. You will often find big-time soccer names tuning in or even showing up to them live for a few pints. Look for Darts to continue to rise in popularity as highlights are already making its way over to the US. Beach Volleyball was recently founded in 1993, where it joined the world games and became an Olympic sport in 1996. Volleyball has become one of the more popular Olympic sports games as it features worldwide talent, and various countries compete. Even during non-Olympic years, there is the World Tour. Our writing team took a dive into some of these various international sports to cover everything from the top athletes to the hottest females in the sport. Be on the lookout for move coverage as we expand our coverage into international sports.

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