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12-46, 14th in East Central

PHO 98 @ CLE 111 Final


LeBron finally left Cleveland in favor of moving to an area that better protected a future for him and his family. The Isiah Thomas experiment went off the tracks last season, calling for the Cavaliers to make a move with the city where LeBron now calls home, Los Angeles. The news of LeBron broke after the draft, a pick the team used to select Collin Sexton. Sexton comes from a competitive SEC background and holds many of the intangibles that Kyrie Irving possesses. He is an affluent scorer and his transitional game is up-tempo. The roster construction makes for some interesting pairings. The team will likely headline the starting crew with veteran talents and keep their reservist group to a raw, young talent base. The starting lineup is loaded with shooters, while the bench favors the flashier elements of play. The development of consistency is key for this team to succeed, but most of these guys have been playing together for multiple seasons. There is little turnover with the roster, which helps narrow the focus to smaller components rather than large changes. All 15 roster spots will be filled by contributors, and while they may not be top contenders in 2018-19, the team will have the element of chemistry needed to build the program.

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Top 3 Cavaliers Depth Chart Questions

Q: Can Kevin Love return to the spotlight role?

A: Kevin Love was the main benefactor of the LeBron departure. His usage rate had plummeted when playing alongside Kyrie Irving and LeBron James. These two built a rapport that often left Love without the looks he was accustomed to in Minnesota. He is now the centerpiece of the team and will see a huge uptick in both minutes and usage rate. His response will set the tone for the team this season.

Q: Where does Collin Sexton fit into the equation?

A: As mentioned previously, the team drafted Sexton with LeBron still on the roster. Sexton was a lottery pick, so there was little question to his fit within the organization. LeBron leaving might cause some slowing to his development, but it will increase the time he spends on the court. It also puts him in a favorable position to learn the skill sets of his teammates and develop his game accordingly.

Q: Can shooting keep this team afloat?

A: The roster is built and centered around shooters. Tristian Thompson is the only pure paint player within this lineup, which limits the spread this team can have on the wings. Pedestrian play is going to have to be exchanged for play calling. This team will run a lot of pick-and-roll situations to get their guys open. The offense will have to be constantly moving and switching, calling for a steady influx of fresh legs.