Milwaukee Bucks Depth Chart 2021 Bucks Depth Chart

9-4, 1st in East Central

The Bucks dream season came to a screeching halt with 4 straight losses to the Raptors in the conference finals. Giannis was a world destroyer for almost the entire season, but had his limitations as a shooter exposed by Kawhi in the series. Giannis seems to recognize those limitations and plans to work on his shooting all summer. As for the rest of the Bucks roster, they’ll be heading into this season with all but one of their key contributors from last year resigned. That would be Malcolm Brogdon, who decided to join the Pacers. Losing him is a significant blow, but the Bucks did a good job recovering from his loss and should still be a top team in the league. Still, just like every other team in the league, they do have some questions moving forward about their roster.

Depth Chart

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