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43-14, 1st in East Central

BOS 47 @ MIL 53


The Bucks are usually a strike first team when it comes to the free agency period. The summer of 2018 was no different and the team went out to secure their center, Brook Lopez. Lopez is considered a tenured player within the league. He has size which rivals that of Giannis Antetokounmpo, creating a height advantage that will size up most of the competition within the Eastern conference. They also got their guy in the middle of the first-round in Dante DiVincenzo. Dante is a natural-born winner and he proved this under the leadership of Jay Wright at Villanova. DiVincenzo has had an impressive camp and has surpassed Matthew Dellavedova for the second line of work at the point guard position. Malcolm Brogden gets a slight role reversal, slotting upward to the shooting guard position. He will still run plays and influence the offensive flow alongside Eric Bledsoe. The most intriguing player on the Bucks this season is Khris Middleton. Khris got a huge extension a few seasons ago as a free agent and he will finally be placed in his comfort zone at the starting small forward. Deepening the impact of the bench, Milwaukee brought back a crowd favorite in Ersan Ilyasova. Ersan was originally drafted by the Bucks, so fostering him into this system will be a smooth transition for this veteran talent.

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Center C
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Top Milwaukee Bucks Depth Chart Questions 2019

Q: What impact will the younger players have on this team?

A: Some of the Bucks developmental talents have slowed their pace the past couple of seasons. One in particular is D.J. Wilson. The Michigan product was a top draft pick for the Bucks but has seen limited court time. The same can be said for Thon Maker. Thon has the size needed for playing the center position, but his smaller frame and limited ball control have been telling points for taking him back to basic, fundamental development. Both of these players will be featured heavily off the bench, so their response is crucial this season.

Q: Is there any position Giannis can't play?

A: The Bucks play owners to a generational talent unlike any other. Giannis started a few games last season at the point guard position. It strikes fear in the eyes of an opponent to see a 7-footer handle the ball and create precision passing the way Giannis does. He affords the team a sense of surprise in their play calling, mixing up the sets to favor any player who shares the floor with him. Look for the team to continue to mix-up the play calling to differentiate their looks for Giannis and company.

Q: Can Brook Lopez deliver long-term consistency?

A: Lopez has been in the league for nearly 10 seasons, citing a good body of work during those periods. Some of the more recent years have been spent within organizations that would limit his minutes and court time. The Bucks have big plans for the usage of Lopez and they like the combo he creates alongside Giannis. His conditioning was a major focal point in the off-season, so if he can vamp this up, he should be a crucial piece for this team in 2018-19.