Talk about a complete overhaul of the roster. New Orleans unloaded Anthony Davis for a massive haul from the Los Angeles Lakers. Getting young names like Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart, and Brandon Ingram have a fresh start in New Orleans. They also signed Derrick Favors and JJ Redick in free agency. Oh yeah, they drafted that guy Zion Williamson too. Also adding Jaxson Hayes, the Pelicans really ramped up their roster. This is a young squad with some good veteran pieces around, and solid depth. The guard depth is a bit heavy at the moment, but this can work out extremely well. The Pelicans transitioned very well after losing their star player.

Depth Chart

The Pelicans come into the 2019-20 season with a strong roster. They also upped their future value with a lot of young pieces that weren't given the best chance in Los Angeles. Because of that they have a fresh start and seem to have a chip on their shoulder as well. It will be interesting to see the minutes scenario for the Pelicans backcourt. Jrue Holiday still remains a Pelican after all the turnover, which is good for the franchise. Signing Redick puts him at the shooting guard spot, pushing Lonzo Ball to a potential bench role. This wouldn't be the worst thing for Ball to get going, but it does hurt his overall fantasy numbers if he plays lesser minutes. Both Ingram and Ball have had their injury shares since coming into the league, so the depth will be good for this group.

The big question is going to be where does Zion Williamson fit in? He technically could play anywhere on the court, and I am sure he will be a bit position-less at times. Williamson is slotted to play the power forward, but New Orleans should move him around quite a bit. There is a lot of versatility within this roster, to where players could be on the move. This would mean some multi-position eligibility for fantasy. Williamson's ability to move around will likely influence Ingram and Favors at times. Jaxson Hayes has flashed some potential, and was a top pick for New Orleans in this last draft.

In a crowded western conference it might not look like the Pelicans are improving, but they will be more than the win-loss record shows. This roster is very good and can compete, but they are still a work in progress in terms of contending with the best. The goal will be developing all this youth, and possibly proving to up and coming free agents that they are a market ready to win now. Overall the off-season was a big success for a team that lost the face of the franchise. Falling into the next face of the franchise will certainly soften that blow.