10/18, 11:30p
10/18, 11:30p

Top Injuries To Impact The 2018 Season

Gordon Hayward - Boston actually comes into the season completely healthy, but we can use this time to talk about what Boston expects from Gordon Hayward this season. He suffered a season-ending injury within the first minute of last season. Brad Stevens is going to be trying to limit minutes for all his players to some degree, but Hayward is going to be somewhat limited when it comes to minutes. Boston has come out and said he will play on the second night of back-to-backs, which is a big deal, but they will likely limit his minutes on the second night more than the first.

Top Injuries in Franchise History

The historic franchise of Boston has seen a fair amount of injuries in their time. Looking back at the last two decades, they have had some injuries that affected them more in the postseason. Kevin Garnett and Kendrick Perkins both being hindered in that series against the Lakers. Paul Pierce needed elbow surgery back in 2006, and missed a good portion of that season. Tony Allen was a key piece back in 2007, and needed surgery to repair his ACL torn in the offseason. Another member of the big three era was Ray Allen, and he had to have surgery on his ankle to remove bone spurs. There was a time when all three were battling periodic injuries, which would hinder them at times.

Avery Bradley was a constant injury report guard. He missed time constantly, and it was mostly with injuries due to his ankle and hamstring. Rajon Rondo had a major injury back in 2013, where he tore his ACL, this was a time where the Celtics were going through a major transition, and Rondo was one of the few pieces keeping things together that season. As mentioned above, Gordon Hayward had one of the nastiest injuries these eyes have seen. Minutes into the new season of 2017, Hayward came down and dislocated his left ankle and fractured his tibia. There was a chance that Hayward would never play again. He currently is back playing at full strength, which is really something when you look at the injury. It is hard to go back and take a look at an injury as brutal as the Hayward one. Over the last few seasons we have seen nagging injuries to guys like Marcus Smart and a few other key role players.