10/20, 2:00a
10/20, 2:00a

Top Injuries To Impact The 2018 Season

J.J Barea - If Dallas is without J.J. Barea for a good portion of games, the second unit will be in trouble. Barea has been one of the better second unit point guards over the last few seasons. He also allows Dennis Smith Jr to play off the ball. Barea has a hamstring injury, and has battled injury report news with it for the last few seasons. However, Barea usually suits up. It sounds like he is going to miss a few games to start the season, but over the age of 30 you are hoping he doesn’t have this linger on.

Harrison Barnes - Another Dallas player dealing with an injured hamstring is Harrison Barnes. Dallas has some depth which makes it okay for them to start the season getting back to 100%. Barnes is the starting small forward, and that leaves some minutes for Dorian Finney-Smith to pick up. Dallas might shift some players around to help out, especially with their small forward list being pretty thin.

Dirk Nowtizki - You are likely going to see Dirk Nowitzki on the injury report quite a bit this season. This could be just for rest, or minor injuries the final year veteran will pick up along the way. Nowitzki is nothing more than a 15-20 minute bench player these days, and Dallas has younger bodies to fill in, which they should be getting playing time ahead of him anyway. He is going to miss a good portion of the beginning weeks, leaving Maxi Kleber and some other names to fill in.

Top Injuries in Franchise History

The Mavericks have had a lot of veterans on their teams over the last decade or so, which means some injuries due to the age. When Steve Nash came to Dallas, he was frequently dealing with sprains and strains. Over the later years in Dirk Nowtizki’s career, he had started battling more injuries as well. The same goes for Shawn Marion. Chandler Parsons had been a developing small forward, and was looking to be one of the better ones in the game until he had cartilage damage, and really has not been the same person since. He is no longer in Dallas, as they have moved on after he injured the same knee.

Parsons tore his meniscus in 2016, which has resulted him never really regaining the same speed and strength. Deron Williams was the same player in Dallas as he was with the Nets. He continued to battle nagging injuries, and it was mainly the hamstring strains that limited him. Devin Harris has had a more notable injury of late, with surgery on his big toe and thumb at the same time. You might see Nerlens Noel in a few teams, but he had a pretty severe injury with surgery on his thumb. In the same season Seth Curry went down with a broken leg. The Mavs have been dealing with a lot of injuries of late, and now with all the youth you hope that it doesn’t continue.