Top Injuries To Impact The 2018 Season

Stanley Johnson - The Pistons are very thin at the small forward position, and it would require them to shift some guys around if Stanley Johnson was to miss time with this toe injury. Johnson isn’t a huge producer, but they need him to be himself on the defensive side and chip in when needed. He has played over 65 games in three straight seasons, so he has yet to miss any extensive time, and this shouldn’t be the case.

Top Injuries in Franchise History

Grant Hill when he was with the Pistons had a nasty injury, which resulted in eight weeks missed with a fractured ankle. Richard Hamilton developed the mask during his Pistons run, when he broke his nose. Hamilton embraced the mask, and is one of the more notable mask wearers in the game. Let’s have some fun here, coach Larry Brown went surgery for his left hip at the beginning of the 2004 series. He missed just two weeks and was back coaching. During the 2010 campaign, the Detroit team was really limited, and especially their bench. They had Ben Gordon get surgery on his ankle, while Jonas Jerebko tore his Achilles. Terrico White broke his foot, and then you had Will Bynum and Richard Hamilton miss a lot of time with nagging injuries.

Rodney Stuckey was dealing with a big toe injury for most of the season, which caused him to miss periods of time. When Brandon Knight broke into the league out of Kentucky, he hyperextended his knee and had a sprained right ankle that set him back when with the Pistons. Knight has had a pretty extensive injury report in his career, which has held him to really get any consistency with one team. When Chauncey Billups came back to the Pistons, he suffered a knee injury with a few months to go and eventually missed the season having surgery.

Going back to the 2014-2015, Brandon Jennings came into the season as the starting point guard, and it went out the window very quickly. He tore his left Achilles and missed the rest of the season, and into next season. The Achilles injuries are always big question marks for a career, but it didn’t slow down Jennings too much, he just got passed by with other younger point guards. Over the last few seasons the Pistons have been pretty lucky with injuries. When they had Avery Bradley he was a quick trip to the injury report most nights. We also saw Luke Kennard and Reggie Bullock battle some nagging injuries.